‘1.39 trillion crazy ransom’ → Holland transfer fee soared 20 times in 8 months

On June 13 of last year, through the Manchester City club website, “I am delighted to announce the recruitment of Elling Holland. Haaland joins the club on 1 July. The contract period is five years.”

At the time, the transfer fee paid by Manchester City for the signing of Haaland, who was playing in the German Bundesliga, was not announced, but was known to be £ 51 million.

In the eight months since then, Holland’s ransom has jumped to about 890 million pounds, or about 1.39 trillion won in Korean currency. Of course, it is not the transaction amount, but the transfer fee estimated by the agent. It’s a ‘bounce’ transfer fee to highlight one’s player, but it’s too much to call 18 times in 8 months.

The Daily Star reported on the 20th that ‘Haland’s agent claimed to be convinced that the Man City star is worth nearly £900m’.

So far this season, Haaland is expected to break the Premier League record, having already scored 26 goals in 23 matches.

Regarding Haaland, who is causing a sensation in the EPL this season, his agent Rafaela Pimenta said, “When Manchester City sells him, it will be about 20 times more than when he was recruited.”

Pimenta recently appeared on the French channel TF1’s Telefoot program and said, “Holland is worth 1 billion euros. It’s not a guess. I am sure,” he insisted. 카지노사이트

“The club won’t pay 1 billion euros and you can say I’m ridiculous,” she said.

The agent continued, “The future is unknown, but it is coming. He is too simple and not impressed with ‘bling bling’. He eats lasagna before the game. That’s his magic formula.”

Pimenta was the right-hand man of super agent Mino Raiola, who died last year. When he dies, he takes over his agency and does not hesitate to make remarks that raise Holland’s ransom. She continues to raise her ransom every time she gives her media interviews.

Meanwhile, rumors are rife that Haaland will move to Spain’s prestigious Real Madrid if he transfers.

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