100% to go to the final, ‘just one step’ to Mourinho Trophy competition

One step at a time. Coach Mourinho, who conquered the Conference League, looks to the top of the Europa League. Beyond Leverkusen, it’s the final.

AS Roma, coached by Jose Mourinho, leaves for Germany in the early morning of the 19th. The opposing team is Leverkusen. The odds are high as they won 1-0 against coach Xabi Alonso, the ‘disciple’, in the first leg of the Europa League semifinals held at home stadium. 메이저사이트

Coach Mourinho was sacked from Tottenham in 2021 and took the baton of AS Roma. After quickly reorganizing the team around Tammy Abraham and others, they raised the quality by recruiting Paulo Dybala.

Last season, he reached the top of the Europa Conference League and gave a trophy to AS Roma, who longed for the championship.

Now is the time to show ‘Mourinho Magic’ on the difficult road to Leverkusen. Mourinho has boasted a 100% win rate in the finals, so if he goes one step further, he might be looking to win the Europa League.

On the other side, Sevilla and Juventus meet. Sevilla is a traditional Europa League strong team.

The first leg at Juventus’ home ended in a 1-1 draw, so Sevilla had an advantage in the second leg back in Spain. It is a big burden for Juventus as they won 3-0 at home after drawing in the last quarterfinals away from Manchester United.

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