“2023 as a turning point in my soccer life!”… ‘Seoul’s new DF’ Lee Si-young’s confidence

Seoul is conducting battery training in Hua Hin, Thailand ahead of the 2023 season. Players new to the team are no exception.

Before entering the 2023 season, Seoul had a vacancy in the position as Yoon Jong-gyu, who was responsible for the team’s right flank defense for four years, enlisted as managing director Kim Cheon. Yoon Jong-kyu is a national team defender who also participated in the 2022 FIFA World Cup held in Qatar last year.

Lee Si-young is the resource recruited from Seongnam FC to fill the void left by Yoon Jong-gyu. Lee Si-young conveyed his determination for the new season through the Seoul club.

Regarding what he hopes to gain from field training, Lee Si-young said, “Personally, I need to improve my body and skills. Also, I am working hard to adapt to the team as quickly as possible so that I can get in touch with my teammates and create better synergy.”

Regarding adapting to the new team, Lee Si-young said, “I am not an active person, but I am trying to be more active in training because I am at an age where I have to play an intermediate role to some extent. My older brothers and friends helped me a lot, and there were many players of the same age, so I didn’t have much difficulty adapting.” 안전놀이터

Regarding the competition within the team, Lee Si-young said, “Right now, everything will be a competition, but now I think I’m learning a lot from one step behind. The pro is grabbing the opportunity when it comes. As a professional, I feel that I have to be competent and prepared. If you do, I think the next one will follow.”

When asked about his strengths, Lee Si-young confidently said, “Speed ​​and mobility are my strengths. In addition to being defensive, I am a style that helps offensively by running a lot. I am also confident in my cross.”

Lastly, Lee Si-young told Seoul fans, “I’m looking forward to coming to Seoul, and I have a different mindset. In fact, when I look back at 2022, I think I failed, so this year is really important. I want to make 2023 a turning point in my soccer life. I have confidence in that. I want to prove myself to the fans. I will do my best to show my skills befitting a Seoul player when I enter the arena.”

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