21-year-old pro → ‘Scout’ Kim Kwang-seok “I understand why office workers are having a hard time”

Kim Gwang-seok (40), who has been a professional player for 21 years, took off his soccer boots and opened the second act of his life as a scout. I am familiar with wearing a uniform on the grass, but Kim Kwang-seok, whom I recently met at the Incheon Soccer Center, gave off a ‘worker’ force. 

Kim Kwang-seok is a K-League legend. He said “not really” to the title of ‘Legend’, but he proves that he is a gay man who has survived the fierce professional world for 21 years.

Kim Gwang-seok, who made his professional debut with the Pohang Steelers in 2003, wore a red-black (red + black) uniform until the 2020 season, excluding military service, and walked around the pitch. He built a brilliant career in Pohang. K-League 2 times (2007, 2013), FA Cup 3 times (2008, 2012, 2013), Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) 1 time (2009), etc. Pohang contributed greatly to lifting the trophy. 

When he was running toward the end of his career in 2021, he transferred to Incheon United, who readily reached out. After Kim Kwang-seok joined, Incheon, which struggled every year in the relegation zone, changed into a different team. Last year, it ended the season in 4th place in the K-League 1 and won the first ACL ticket in the history of the club. It was not the strength of Kim Kwang-seok alone, but the influence he had on the team was significant. He was active as the main defender and centered the team as a veteran. Incheon praised his merits and offered him a scout position, helping him start the second act of his life.

Kim Gwang-seok said, “If I had (retired) at the age of 30, I would have regretted it, but now that I am over 40, I feel, ‘It’s finally over?’ He knew it would be very stressful. There are many players who regret it, and they say they want to do more, but I thought, ‘I’ve done it’ and ‘It’s over now’,” he said of his retirement. 

Kim Gwang-seok, who took off his soccer shoes, now has no regrets about running himself. Standing on the ground in the role of Wang Wang Incheon’s 2nd team coach, he laughed and said, “People say that playing soccer is the best, but I’m 40 years old, so I don’t feel like kicking a ball even if I help out on the field.” 토토사이트

Kim Gwang-seok, who has been running non-stop for 21 years, initially planned to leave the soccer world for a year to spend time with his family. However, after a long conversation with Incheon CEO Jeon Jeon-soo, coach Cho Seong-hwan, and head of the Power Reinforcement Office Lim Joong-yong, he decided to return to the team. Incheon also presented unconventional conditions. Usually, scouts sign contracts for one year, but Kim Kwang-seok was guaranteed two years. 

Kim Gwang-seok said, “I was really surprised that you made such an offer. Although it is a grateful thing,” he said, “It is not something that can only be received (to the club), but (I) have nothing to give. I just want to observe good players diligently and silently assist the team so that it can maintain its top rank.”

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