‘3 Games, 1 Goal’ Attack Pattern Begins to Read…Gyeongnam ‘Dilemma’ Between Change and Maximizing Advantages

Gyeongnam FC’s offense takes a pause.

Gyeongnam, coached by Seol Ki-hyun, missed a chance to regain the lead in Round 23. They lost 0-2 at home and lost the top spot. With 37 points, Gyeongnam is now five points behind leader Gimcheon (42 points). On top of that, they have one draw and two losses in their last three games. While they haven’t won, they’ve only scored one goal. This is in contrast to five consecutive multi-goal games prior to that.

Gyeongnam has scored 37 goals in 21 games this season. That’s tied for the most goals with Gimcheon Commerce. Gleason (11 goals), Won Ki-jong (8 goals) and Castro (6 goals) have been on fire. Accurate passing from Mo Jae-hyun and Park Min-seo (4 assists) also played a role.

However, Gyeongnam’s offense needs to be based on quality crosses from both sides. In particular, Gleison scored all four of Gyeongnam’s goals with headers against FC Anyang (4-2 win) in Round 19. His delivery is unstoppable. Attacking from the second ball is also a key option in later situations.

This offense is not without its strengths. Despite its power, it requires simplicity and consistently good crosses. Given the physical demands of the summer, it”s inevitable that flankers will be involved in the attack and crossing less frequently. This is something that Gyeongnam and Seol have to deal with, as opponents are starting to respond to it.

After the loss in Gimcheon, Seol said, “We won’t change our attacking pattern. We have to keep doing what we do well,” he said, adding, “We are not prepared for their man-to-man defense (aimed at Gleason). We need to think about it. If I can get over this hump, I’ll be able to qualify for the promotion. It’s a process,” he said, making it clear that he will not lose his advantage. 메이저사이트

In addition to Gleason and Castro, Gyeongnam also signed another foreign striker, Leo, on July 7. He is a replacement for Miran Jingya, who left the team due to injury. He has appeared in three games, but has yet to score an offensive point. Most importantly, Leo has only been with the team for a month, so he still needs time to adjust. In order to reduce Gleison’s scoring percentage, Leo will need to step up and play a bigger role.

Fortunately, Gyeongnam hasn’t fallen apart as much as they have in previous seasons. It’s still early in the second round robin. As coach Seol said, getting over the “hump” will open the way to promotion. Seol’s worries have begun.

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