‘5 consecutive losses’ Cheonan vs ‘2 consecutive losses’ Gimcheon, the goal is to escape the losing streak

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Cheonan and Gimcheon, who need a reversal due to consecutive defeats, clash.

Cheonan City FC and Kim Cheon Sangmu will play the 6th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ at 1:30 pm on the 8th at Cheonan Sports Complex. Currently, Cheonan is at the bottom of the league with 0 points, and Gimcheon is 7th with 6 points.

These are two teams that desperately need a win. Cheonan, a new team, has allowed 5 consecutive losses since the opening and is the only team with no points in the first and second divisions. The relegation team, Kimcheon, recently fell into a 2-game losing streak and fell into sluggishness contrary to the expectation of being a ‘championship candidate’. In this head-to-head match, you have to earn victory points to change the atmosphere.

A common problem at the beginning of the season for both teams is defensive insecurity. Cheonan built a four-back system with Oh Yun-seok, Cha Oh-yeon, Kim Joo-hyeon, and Kim Joo-hwan, but only allowed 14 runs in 5 games, leaving a hole in the back door. Hyo-Jun Kim, born in 2004, and Min-Jun Kim, born in 2000, who are senior and junior at Boin High School, defended the last line in turn, but contributed 7 runs side by side. With the appearance of collapsing at once, they have already allowed more than three runs on four occasions.

The situation in Kimcheon is not different. Although Lim Seung-gyeom and Lee Sang-min were dropped for the center back combination, they struggled against Asan and Cheongju. In the end, it collapsed with a 1-3 defeat to Busan. Later, in the game against Gyeongnam, Seung-gyeom Lim was replaced by defensive midfielder Doo-jae Won as the center back, but lost 0-2 and could not find a clue. There is still no player to hold the center of the defense made up of young players.

Defensive insecurity accompanies a weakening of offensive power. Both teams aimed for attacking football side by side before the opening, but so far they have not lived up to expectations. Cheonan has not scored a field goal in four consecutive games in the recent league. Despite the splendid squad, Kim Cheon conceded the first goal in 3 out of 4 league games and only scored 5 goals.

Cheonan’s tall striker Motta scored multiple goals in the opening game, but after that, the team’s performance declined and it is in a situation where it is showing a sluggish appearance together. Midfielders with creative passes such as Damir and Yoon Yong-ho desperately need help. The quick adaptation of Park Joon-gang and Baka Yoko, who have newly joined here, is also expected to be key. 토토사이트

In Kimcheon, outstanding players such as Kwon Chang-hoon, Jo Young-wook, and Lee Young-jae are lined up, but they are not showing their skills in the aspect of being dragged away. This is because as the time to face dense defense has increased, there have been many scenes that depended on individual player skills. It is urgent to supplement organizational skills, which are considered a chronic weakness.

Cheonan and Gimcheon face each other for the first time since their founding. As much as they are unfamiliar with each other, both teams have a strong motivation to escape from losing streaks, so a fierce match is expected. A win can provide an opportunity for Cheonan to escape from the bottom and Gimcheon to rise to the top.

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