‘Abolition of 2 consecutive games and establishment of defense award’ KBO League 2023 season, what will change

The KBO League faces various changes in the 2023 season. 

On the 30th, KBO said, “The opening of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO league regular season is two days away. As seen in the demonstration game, we have summarized the changes in the KBO League this season while foreseeing a fierce ranking competition.”

The biggest change is the abolition of the two-game schedule. The organization of two-game matches, which has continued since the reorganization into a 10-team system in 2015, will be abolished from this year. It is a measure to show more exciting and exciting games to fans by improving the performance by reducing the burden on the physical strength of the players and the consequent risk of injury. Round 3 is held biennially with 5 teams playing 3 home matches – 1 away match or 1 home match – 3 away matches.

Accordingly, the total number of home-away games for the 10 teams is also changed to 73 home-71 away games or 73 away-71 home games on a biennial basis. In order to efficiently organize the schedule that minimizes the number of times and distances traveled, the remaining games (1 home/away game) are organized in conjunction with the rescheduled rain canceled game. 스포츠토토

At the awards ceremony, a new award will be established for players who have shown outstanding defense. KBO decided to establish a new KBO Defense Award (tentative name) to recognize the value of defense and promote league defense skills by enacting an official league-level defense award. The selection of candidates and winners will be confirmed and announced later by the executive committee.” 

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