After ’22 years of waiting’, Suwon Samsung opens official fan shop ‘Blue Wings Official Store’

Suwon Samseong has seen the fruits of its 22-year longing.
Suwon Samseong announced on March 1 that it will open its official fan shop, the Blue Wings Official Store, starting with the Hana OneQ K League 2023 Round 16 home match against Suwon FC at Suwon World Cup Stadium on March 3. The opening ceremony was attended by Suwon Samsung CEO Lee Jun, Puma Korea CEO Lee Na-young, Gyeonggi-do Suwon World Cup Stadium Management Foundation Secretary General Lee Min-ju, and captain Lee Ki-jae.

Suwon Samsung said, “The fans’ wishes have been fulfilled after 22 years since the Big Bird entered the club in 2001,” adding, “The branding fully captures the identity of the club.” Outside the store, emblems and signage were installed based on the club’s blue color, and life-size photos of players were printed on the store’s exterior walls to serve as a photo zone.

The interior also reflects Suwon Samseong’s colors, with a large, brightly lit emblem sculpture in the center of the store. In July, three large displays will be installed to show various club videos.

Fans’ convenience was also taken into account. “We introduced a smart waiting system so that fans don’t have to wait for long periods of time,” said Suwon Samseong. “When registering to visit the store, customers are notified of their waiting order, estimated waiting time, and store entry through push messages.” “We have also introduced an in-store changing room and three devices for on-site marking.”

The Official Store will only be open on game days during the month of June. It will become a permanent store in July after improving the issues that arose during that period. To avoid the crowds on match days and to encourage customers to visit on non-match days, the store will also launch a dedicated ‘non-match day’ product.

In particular, a customization service called “Blue ID” will allow fans to create their own unique PUMA apparel.

“We are thrilled to open the official store, which has been a longtime desire of ours since its inception,” said Lee Jun, CEO of PUMA Korea. “We hope that Big Bird will become a special place full of pride for Suwon fans.” “I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. Choi Seung-gyun, CEO of DF Korea, who has been working tirelessly for the official store since December last year. 먹튀검증

who has been working tirelessly on the official store since December last year.”

“We expect the Blue Wings Official Store to be loved by fans as a space where the pride of Suwon Samseong is embedded,” said Lee Min-ju, Secretary General of the World Cup Foundation. “The World Cup Foundation will continue to keep pace with the club to improve the viewing convenience of fans visiting the Big Bird.”

“We are pleased to be able to support the opening of the official store of Suwon Samseong’s Blue Wings, a prestigious K League club, and hope that it will provide an enjoyable experience not only for Suwon Samseong soccer fans but also for Korean soccer fans,” said Na-young Lee, CEO of PUMA Korea.

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