‘After Son Heung-min, Muller’ Kane sees soul mate in Munich

Harry Kane had a great chemistry with Son Heung-min when they played together at Tottenham Hotspur. At Bayern Munich, he found a partner in Thomas Muller, who is as selfless as he is soccer savvy.

Kane’s goal streak has continued since his move to Munich. He scored a brace in a 3-1 win over Augsburg in the second round of the 2023-24 German Bundesliga on Aug. 28. He also found the back of the net in the opening game against Werder Bremen on Aug. 19, so he’s settled in nicely in Munich.

Kane’s decisiveness is unquestionable. During his time at Tottenham, he scored 280 goals in 435 games. He is Tottenham”s all-time leading goalscorer. He hasn’t just been good at Tottenham. He’s also scored more goals in A-matches for England than Wayne Rooney (53).

Kane’s goal-scoring prowess is complemented by his teammates. At Tottenham, Son Heung-min has played a key role. In their eight seasons together, starting in 2015-16, Son and Kane combined for 47 goals. This surpassed the previous record of Didier Drogba-Frank Lampard (36 goals), who were soul mates at Chelsea. 먹튀검증

Their goal-to-assist ratio is also good. While most attacking duos tend to be dominated by one player, Son Heung-min has 24 goals and 23 assists, and Kane has 23 goals and 24 assists. When the duo’s eye contact is on point, opposing defenses are in trouble.

When Kane moved to Munich this summer, the Son-Ke duo’s goal tally came to a halt. Each will have to find a new partner. For now, Kane, who has plenty of attacking options, will be flanked by the veteran Muller. “Kane seems to share the same rapport with Muller that he enjoyed with Son Heung-min at Tottenham,” said Sportsbrief, which followed the first two rounds of the Bundesliga.

Muller is a veteran of 16 seasons with the club, having made his debut in 2008. He has played 668 games for the Bavarians, the second most in the club’s history. He’s also scored an impressive 235 goals. Muller is a living piece of Munich history, so Kane could not have asked for a better ally.

However, Muller won’t be able to play next to Kane for the entire game like Son Heung-min. Muller is also 33 years old and is starting to play more as a joker than a starter. In both of the previous two games, Muller came on as a late substitute, but he and Kane have started to bond in the short time they’ve been together and are getting along well off the field. Kane has also benefited from the partnership, as Muller has made it easier for him to integrate into Munich.

The pair were recently spotted together at a club event in Munich, wearing traditional German attire and raising a beer, hinting at the possibility of a budding friendship. “Muller was one of the first to make a welcoming comment when Munich announced the signing of Kane,” said TalkSPORT, “and it’s no surprise that Kane is getting along so well with Muller less than a month after his move to Munich.” The pair have been enjoying their time together.

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