‘Agent of Acting’ Tottenham Stellini Sacking + Appointment of Mason

Tottenham have sacked acting manager Stellini.

Tottenham Hotspur announced on its official website on April 25 (Korean time) that it would sack acting manager Christian Stellini, saying, “The performance against Newcastle United on Sunday is unacceptable.”

In the Premier League match against Newcastle United on the 23rd, Tottenham lost 1-6 after a shocking development of conceding 5 goals in 21 minutes in the first half. The shock was greater because it was a confrontation between Newcastle in 4th place and Tottenham in 5th place.

The defeat on this day made it virtually impossible for Tottenham to advance to the Champions League. 4th place Manchester United, who played two less games, and 3rd place Newcastle United, who played one less game, were separated by 6 points. Considering the goal difference, it is actually a 7-point difference. It is a realistically difficult gap to overcome in the remaining six games.

Tottenham, who sacked manager Antonio Conte and left coach Stellini as acting manager, have recently been sluggish, including two consecutive league victories. In the end, the idea to put out the urgent fire with the Stellini acting system turned into a great failure. 메이저놀이터

Coach Ryan Mason will serve as acting head coach.

Chairman Daniel Levy said in an official statement to fans, “There are many reasons why this happened, and I, myself, the top coaches, and the players all have to take responsibility.” We are determined to unite to finish strong. We know we have to show our performance to receive your amazing support.”

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