Ahn Byeong-jun, who scored a goal with his ‘special skill’ foot, found a clue to Suwon’s reversal

Ahn Byung-jun finally woke up. He roared as he hit the goal with his long-awaited kick.

Suwon won an away game against Gangwon FC in the 13th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at the main stadium of Chuncheon Songam Sports Town at 7:00 pm on the 3rd, thanks to consecutive goals by Han Ho-gang and Ahn Byung-jun, and won 2-0. It was the first victory of new manager Kim Byung-soo and a victory that could lead to a reversal in Suwon.

On this day, Suwon had a big harvest as much as 3 points. Ahn Byung-Jun’s scoring shot, which was a sore finger, exploded after 13 games. Ahn Byung-jun’s goal was one of the big factors in determining Suwon’s farming this season. In a situation where foreign striker Mulich was unable to play his part, Ahn Byung-jun’s responsibility was even heavier.

There was also a problem with the player’s own decision-making power, but there was also a problem that the detailed tactical setting using Ahn Byung-jun was not properly done. Ahn Byung-joon, whose strength is stronger with his ankle than with his header, was a player who scored goals with strong mid-range shots and free kicks rather than his head during his time with Suwon FC and Busan.

Last year, Lee Ki-je’s cross was so accurate that his header goal stood out, but his first option was his feet. In particular, in this season when Lee Gi-je’s route was blocked, Ahn Byung-joon’s foot had to go to the ball a lot, but he couldn’t show proper play when it came to his head.

The scoreless score increased by 1 game and 2 games to 12 games, and with Ahn Byung-jun’s sluggishness, Suwon could not get out of the bottom. It was a difficult time for the team and himself, to the extent that he repeated, “It was a very difficult time.”

Frustrated, he needed a turning point, and that inflection point came quickly. It was the appointment of director Kim Byung-soo. After coach Kim Byeong-soo came to the team, the most important thing was to save Ahn Byung-jun. Rather than static movements, he ordered Ahn Byeong-jun’s strong point to play with his feet, emphasizing active movements and instilling confidence in him.

In an interview ahead of the match against Gangwon, manager Kim Byeong-soo laughed, saying, “I keep scoring goals and giving orders to Ahn Byung-jun.”

His will to escape the slump was also strong. He already energized Suwon’s attack with creative moves from the Jeonbuk match, and in the Gangwon match, he aimed for the Gangwon’s goal with a completely different move. He escaped the defender’s mark and had a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper.

However, he hit the ground with the decisiveness that had plagued him throughout the season, and his sluggishness seemed to be prolonged as he remained scoreless until the first half. However, the manager’s trust in Ahn Byung-jun was strong, and his efforts were rewarded in the 13th minute of the second half. Ahn Byung-Jun, who intercepted a pass from Han Kook-Young, broke through with a dribble and fired a powerful shot with his right foot. The ball seemed to leave the goal and then fell and shook the net. It was a wonderful goal that even goalkeeper Yoo Sang-hoon could not help.

From 2019 to 2021, Ahn Byung-jun’s goal was even more meaningful because it was a goal made with the power of strong shooting, which was his long-term skill. The moment the goal was scored, Ahn Byeong-jun roared and ran to the away supporter’s seat. Then, as he greeted the fans, he apologized for the belated goal. Fans celebrated his first goal of the season with cheers and applause, and coach Kim Byung-soo smiled broadly.

With Ahn Byung-jun’s first goal added, Suwon won 2-0 in a 6-point game. Coach Kim Byung-soo praised An Byeong-jun’s goal, saying, “It was a world-class goal. If I had the strength, I would have liked to carry Byung-jun home on my back. At an important moment, Ahn Byung-jun’s goal was so cool that I wanted to look back again and again.”

He continued, “I’ve been through a lot of hardships, but I hope that this goal will receive a lot of love from the fans.” I had great satisfaction in seeing Ahn Byung-jun’s score, the clue that could finally lead to a reversal.

Ahn Byung-jun also acknowledged the contribution of manager Kim Byeong-soo to his own goal. Ahn Byeong-jun recalled his first meeting with director Kim Byung-soo, saying, “I didn’t talk much with director Kim Byung-soo, but he told me that good results will come out if I do not feel too pressured and enjoy it comfortably.” 먹튀검증

“Thank you to the coach. I think it was not an easy decision to have a new coach in our current situation, not only for me but for the whole group. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for coming to our team, and although it hasn’t been long yet, I think it was a good decision. I, as well as the players, are grateful to the coach for giving me the direction.”

Ahn Byeong-joon, who said that he felt relieved after scoring the first goal even though he had a really hard time, said, “I wanted to present victory to the fans who passionately support us even though we didn’t perform well. I really want to say thank you to the fans. I still have to go up, so I have the thought that I must continue to do well.”

This is why Ahn Byeong-joon, who found a clue to Suwon Samsung’s reversal by reporting a goal by Masou-geol, is paying attention to what kind of vitality he will bring to the team.

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