‘Already 7 losses’ agency system and appointment work in parallel… Suwon’s ‘Golden Time’ is passing by

Time is always helpless.

Suwon Samsung is walking on a ‘worse road’. After the opening, in 9 games, 2 draws and 7 losses, there is still no first win. Suwon lost 0-1 to Pohang Steelers in the 9th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Pohang Steel Yard on the 25th. Not only did he score, he also failed to record a single shot on target. The last 4 losses

Suwon broke up with coach Lee Byeong-geun to overcome this sluggishness, but lost both games afterwards. 7 losses in 9 matches. The gap with 9th place Incheon United (9 points), which is outside the relegation zone, is already 7 points. The pace is worse than Seongnam FC (1 win, 2 draws, 6 losses), which were relegated last season. At the time, Seongnam earned 5 points, while Suwon only earned 2 points. In the end, Seongnam was relegated directly with 7 wins, 9 draws, 22 losses and 30 points in 38 matches. Suwon this season and Incheon United in the 2020 season (2 draws and 7 losses) have secured only 2 points in 9 games since the introduction of the promotion and relegation system. In the 2020 season, Incheon appointed manager Cho Seong-hwan during the season and succeeded in a dramatic stay in 11th place.

Suwon is led by acting manager Choi Seong-yong, and the club is also looking for a new manager. The work of putting together the list is virtually finished. However, Suwon seems to be taking a more cautious approach. Director Oh Dong-seok of Suwon, whom we met at Steel Yard, said, “We need to closely analyze what kind of coach he is. He needs to hear the aspirations and conduct the interview. We need to see if he is the kind of person who will stay for a while or if he can overcome the crisis and continue rebuilding Suwon. No one has been in contact yet. I have no intention of delaying (appointing the director). We need to prepare as soon as possible,” he said.

Director Oh also talked about the conditions of being a director. 토스카지노 “The most important thing is your own football philosophy. In addition, the players and the sympathy, and the game management must also be able to play (the manager’s) role. The team needs a leader who can make up for its weak points and read the overall game. He feels a sense of responsibility even at the front desk. We are thinking together, and it is my role to quickly normalize (the club),” he emphasized.

There are still 29 games left, but it is not an easy task to lift a team that has once stagnated. Even after a new coach takes over, it takes quite a bit of time to get to know the team and players. There are only two games left in the first round robin. I don’t know how Suwon is envisioning the bottom line for appointing a new coach, but they may suffer the humiliation of a draw in the first round. Time is passing without fail.

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