Bellho, who didn’t have Ji So-yeon, caught two rabbits

The evaluation match without the ‘main axis’ Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC Women), the result was ‘great satisfaction’.

The women’s national soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, won 5-0 in the second match against Zambia held at Yongin Myr Stadium on the 11th. Four days ago, on the 7th, in the first match held at Suwon World Cup Stadium, he won 5-2, and he laughed as he scored 5 goals in 2 consecutive games.

Zambia is 73rd in the FIFA rankings, 56th lower than Korea, which is 17th. However, it was not an opponent to be seen easily, as it was called the ‘African ambush’ and showed off its potential to win a ticket to the World Cup for the first time in history by ranking third after South Africa and Morocco in the Africa Women’s Nations Cup, which also serves as a World Cup qualifier in July last year. .

In this evaluation match against Zambia, which was held as a mock test for Morocco, which is tied to Korea and the World Cup, coach Bell used various tactics.

In particular, Ji “Gimesh” So-yeon, the main axis of Bellho, suffered a recurrence of ankle pain from last year’s surgery, and was excluded from both matches. It was another test stage for Bell, who had talked about Ji So-yeon as an “irreplaceable player,” but she took care of both the process and the results.

First of all, with Ji So-yeon missing, the movement to penetrate the opponent’s back space by actively using the long ball was the main movement, rather than the play made by linking the ball in midfield. Cho So-hyun and Lee Geum-min hit the ground with a lot of activity. Here, the 182cm front striker Park Eun-seon’s height and air power were utilized. It was a different route from the scoring he had made based on his cute play and personal ability.

The tactics change with or without Ji So-yeon, but the ‘principle’ emphasized by Bell remains the same. Coach Bell, who mainly uses three backs and four backs, focuses on pushing the opponent with high intensity and making full use of the team’s strengths.

Lee Geum-min, who scored five goals in two consecutive matches against Zambia, said, “The main players were left out, but the coach came out as he had prepared. Rather than worrying, he gave me the belief that other players would do it, and I tried to live up to that. He rather enjoyed the pressure of the absence of key players.” 카지노사이트

After the game, coach Bell said, “Due to Ji So-yeon’s absence, an experienced player in the team had to step up. In the 1st and 2nd games, I think several players did well (in Ji So-yeon’s position). I did enough in two games,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

Ji So-yeon is ahead of her third World Cup. Last summer, he ended his overseas life only for the ‘World Cup’ and returned to Korea. She even underwent surgery on her chronically ill ankle in order to be in the best shape for the World Cup.

I got a satisfactory result in the evaluation round ‘without Ji So-yeon’. The women’s national team has one call left in June before the World Cup. After the evaluation match in July, he plans to leave for the decisive battle.

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