“Captain, stay!”… Hwang Hee-chan’s ‘Sad Persuasion’ to the influential core MF for ‘Leave to Barcelona’

Hwang Hee-chan set out to convince Wolverhampton Wanderers captain Hubeng Neves, who is likely to transfer.

British media ‘Express and Star’ reported on the 22nd (Korean time) that “Hwang Hee-chan asked Wolverhampton captain Neves to stay.”

Midfielder Neves, who has played for Wolverhampton since 2017, is preparing to say goodbye to the club he has been with for six years. As his contract expires in June 2024, Neves is currently dreaming of a new challenge.

On the 15th, the ‘Telegraph’ suggested the possibility of a transfer, saying, “Neves has long wanted to play in the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League.”

“Barcelona has wanted Neves for the past two years and is ready to approach the player soon,” he said. he added.

When Neves, who had been playing as the core of Wolverhampton for a long time and was evaluated as one of the best midfielders in the Premier League, tried to leave the team, Hee-chan Hwang himself persuaded him.

Hwang Hee-chan said in an interview with the media, “We don’t know if Neves will leave or stay, but I want him to stay.” 메이저사이트

“Neves is an amazing player as a captain, as a player and as a person,” he said. “He did a lot for us and I wanted to play with him.”

Hwang Hee-chan once again hoped for Neves to remain, saying, “I think Neves is the best player for us and Wolverhampton fans.”

Since joining Wolverhampton, Neves has played a pivotal role in the team, appearing in 251 matches for six years.

This season, Neves came out in 39 games and recorded 6 goals and 1 assist, and won both ‘Player of the Year’ awards chosen by Wolverhampton fans and players.

Regarding the transfer rumor, Neves said, “I want to stay at Wolverhampton, but I don’t want to hide my desire to play in the Champions League. My family and I love this place, but in football, we have to move forward for our main goal.”

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