Coach Byeong-gyu Lee of ‘Geelong Korea Team Returning’, “Now it won’t be strange to meet foreign players”

The Australian professional baseball league team Geelong Korea, made up of Korean players, has returned.

The Geelong Korea team returned home at 1:55 pm via Incheon International Airport on the 23rd. Geelong Korea, led by coach Lee Byeong-kyu, returned with a record of 13 wins and 27 losses this season. It is the club’s best record ever.

In the 2018-2019 season, when he first entered the Australian Professional League, he recorded 7 wins and 33 losses, and in the 2019-2020 season, he recorded 11 wins and 29 losses. In the third season, although they failed to advance to the postseason, they broke the club’s best record in the regular season and the team’s most 4 consecutive wins.

Coach Lee Byeong-gyu met reporters after returning to Korea and said, “The players didn’t play much in Korea. So (in Australia) I tried to give them a chance to play what they wanted to do,” he said. “It seems that they played a lot of baseball they wanted. It seemed like he was looking for something of his own inside it.”

The Geelong Korea team performed with the most wins and the highest win rate (.325) in the third season after skipping the last two seasons due to the corona pandemic. A total of 50 players, 25 pitchers and 25 hitters, played in 40 games and gained practical experience in the off-season. 

On November 20 last year, against Adelaide, he scored 23 points, the most in one game. Song Chan-eui (LG Twins) had a batting average of 3.24 (33 hits in 102 at-bats), and Ha Jae-hoon (SSG Landers) hit a home run to rank third overall in this category.카지노사이트

Coach Lee said, “There were some players who showed good performance, and some players who were a bit inferior,” but “It was not easy to deal with many foreign players, but it must have been a good experience. Now, meeting foreign players in Korea will not be so strange. It will help a lot.”

Players such as Song Chan-eui (LG Twins) and Cho Hyung-woo (SSG Landers) had many difficulties in Australia, but as the coach said, “It was a good experience.” I came back with the rewards of working out hard in Australia during the off-season. Australian players’ rough baseball was also a great experience for them.

Coach Lee said, “The play itself in the Australian league is a bit rough. He has a strong tendency to be aggressive,” he said. The players will have a little trouble. Still, it’s an experience. It seems to be fine,” he said.

After returning from the three-month season schedule after the opening in November of last year, the Geelong players return to their respective teams and begin preparations for the 2023 season.

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