Controversy over BBC’s suspension of popular commentators… “Can’t you tell your opinion on social media?”

As a country of soccer, a popular soccer commentator who was a player has emerged as a hot potato in British politics.

Gary Lineker, a popular soccer commentator, was temporarily suspended from appearing on MOTD (Mathc of the day) on the British ‘BBC’ on the 9th. The reason is because of the comments he left on social media.

Lineker, who was called a gentleman on the ground for his manners and outstanding skills during his active career, is a legendary striker who played for Leicester, Everton, FC Barcelona and Tottenham.

In particular, during his time at Tottenham, he led the England national team to the semifinals along with excellent club performance, and was ranked third in the FIFA World Player of the Year (1991).

On top of that, after retiring, he continued to work as a commentator at the British national broadcasting BBC, gaining a tremendous status. He is known as the highest-paid commentator in football.

Lineker like this was recently suspended from participating in the BBC’s MOTD. It’s because of the comments he left on social media. He has consistently criticized the British ruling Conservative Party in recent years. 이브벳 토토

Lineker, who criticized the Boris Johnson government during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, recently expressed strong dissatisfaction on his social media account by comparing the Conservative Party’s refugee ban policy to Germany (Nazi) in the 1930s.

The ruling party, the Conservative Party, was furious. Conservative MPs and the Home Secretary launched an all-out attack on Lineker, accusing him of violating his political neutrality as an employee of the BBC.

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