‘Cooking the books’ Juventus finally get 10 points deduction after all

Juventus has been punished by an Italian court with a 10-point deduction, eliminating its chances of qualifying for next season’s UEFA Champions League, the Italian Football Association announced today. The punishment drops Juventus from second to seventh in the league standings.

Juventus is under investigation for allegedly cooking the books. They were recently penalized with a 15-point deduction, but that was overturned on appeal. This time, however, it was different: the Italian court upheld the 10-point penalty and Juventus was slapped with the mace. 스포츠토토

Juventus had accumulated 69 points through 35 rounds. A 1-4 loss at home to Empoli in their most recent match resulted in a 10-point deduction, leaving them with 59 points. This drops them to seventh place in the league standings. This punishment makes it virtually impossible for Juventus to qualify for the Champions League.

The teams above the Bianconeri are 6th place AS Roma (60 points), 5th place Atalanta (61 points), 4th place AC Milan (64 points), 3rd place Inter Milan (66 points), 2nd place Lazio (68 points), and 1st place Napoli (86 points). With two games remaining, it’s still arithmetically possible, but it’s unlikely that fourth-place AC Milan will be caught off guard.

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