‘Crying at the thought of ACL’ Incheon’s Min Kyung-hyun: “I’m happy to share this honor”

What a dream for a second-year player.

Incheon United defeated Daegu FC 3-1 in the 26th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at the Incheon Football Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on March 13. With the win, Incheon leapfrogged into seventh place with nine wins, nine draws and eight losses (36 points), and completed a three-game home winning streak following a 1-0 win against Gangwon FC and a 2-0 win against Daejeon Hana Citizen. They are just two points behind fourth-place FC Seoul (38).

Min Kyung-hyun, who started at left wingback, was active in the match against Daegu. He moved up and down the field with a lot of activity, making the back three more dynamic. He combined well with midfielder Kim Do-hyuk on the left flank. Above all, Min Kyung-hyun’s fighting spirit and doggedness were evident in his every run for the ball. He finished the 90 minutes in a steady manner and was the unsung hero of the victory.

Min Kyung-hyun is now in his second year in the K League. Born in 2001, he joined Incheon last year. He played 30 games in the league, performing well apart from his U-22 card. This year, he’s been just as important, and has played a big role in Incheon’s recent upward trajectory.

After the match, we caught up with Min in the Mix Zone, and he shared his thoughts on the game: “I thought we had to go up against Daegu to get to Final A. It was a big game and I wanted to win. It was an important game, so I had a stronger desire to win.”

Min Kyung-hyun had played 19 league games before Daegu. When asked why she was chosen by coach Cho Sung-hwan, she replied, “I have a U-22 card, but even if I’m not U-22, I think I’m a player who silently helps the team.”

Min Kyung-hyun has made a lot of progress physically. She continues to show that she is able to compete with her opponents and overcome them. “I’ve been taking time to practice one-on-one with (Kim) Yeon-soo, (Kim) Bo-seop-yi, and others. I’ve also been doing more weight training,” he explained.

In Incheon’s team videos, you can see Min Kyung-hyun and Kim Do-hyuk talking a lot in the locker room. The same is true on the field. Min explains, “(Kim) is on the same line as my brother, so I have to keep up with him. Everything he said was right and he made good plays, so it’s good. Do-hyuk says a lot of good things to me.” 먹튀검증

Min Kyung-hyun is nicknamed ‘Min Kyung-ryun’. Last season, after scoring a goal against Seongnam FC, he got a rat while doing a ceremony. It was a worrying situation as he played a tight game in the hot weather. In response, he said, “Nowadays, I have more experience than when I was a rookie, and I don’t think I will have muscle cramps because I take care of myself and eat well.”

Incheon will play the winner of Hong Kong Rangers vs. Hai Phong in the ACL playoffs on April 22 at the Incheon Football Stadium. “I’ve wanted to play ACL since a long time ago,” he said, before adding, “If I play…. Maybe…. If I do, I think I’ll show a winning face,” she cried.

He continued, “I’ve been waiting a lot, and I’m glad that the team came up in the season I came in like this.

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