Cutting the tail of the ‘surprise pardon controversy’?… Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo and Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk resigned together

Korea Football Association (KFA) Vice Presidents Lee Young-pyo and Lee Dong-guk and Social Contribution Committee Chairman Cho Won-hee announced their intention to resign after taking responsibility for the controversy over the recent ‘soccer match manipulator surprise amnesty’.

Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo said on his personal SNS on the night of the 3rd, “I am writing to all soccer fans in Korea,” and said, “I will take responsibility for not blocking the passage of the board of directors and resign from the post of vice president of the Football Association.” He wrote, “I’m sorry I didn’t do enough of that role as vice-president.”

At the same time, Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk and Chairman Cho also posted posts on personal SNS in succession. Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk said, “As a Gyeonggi-doer, I feel a sense of responsibility for not being able to stop talking about my experience with confidence. He said, “I feel completely responsible,” and said, “I will step down as vice president as of the current time.” Chairman Cho said, “As one of the people on the board of directors at the time, I sincerely apologize for hurting the fans who love football.”

Earlier, on the 28th of last month, the KFA held a board meeting ahead of the A match against Uruguay, and voted to pardon 100 disciplinary soccer players, including 48 match-fixers. However, as criticism grew that he was unilaterally returning the match-fixer to the football world without converging public opinion, a temporary board meeting was held three days later, and KFA chairman Chung Mong-kyu issued an apology. 토토사이트

However, it was some high-ranking executives who led the pardon. It is known that Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo and Vice Chairman Lee Dong-guk and Chairman Cho Won-hee, who showed a willingness to resign, recognized that the amnesty was promoted only when the board meeting was imminent. While the executives who should be responsible are silent, the view of ‘cutting the tail’ is gathering.

The following is Vice Chairman Lee Young-pyo’s statement

A message to all football fans in Korea

Taking responsibility for failing to block the passage of the board of directors related to the Korean Football Association’s disciplinary pardon last week, I resign from my position as Vice President of the Football Association today. As a member of the Football Association, as a member of the Football Association, I feel with a heavy heart all the criticisms of football fans.

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