‘Cyber ​​Pitcher’ NYY Rodon “Injection treatment soon..Return by July? I don’t know that”

Rodon gets an injection.

MLB.com, the official MLB website, reported on May 6 (Korean time) that Carlos Rodon of the New York Yankees will receive cortisone injection treatment early next week.

Rodon, who signed a six-year, $162 million free agent contract with the Yankees offseason, pitched one exhibition inning in spring training before feeling a problem with his elbow and starting the season on the injured list.

Rodon’s elbow has since recovered, but this time with back problems. It’s already been more than a month since the opening, but Rodon still hasn’t got his new team debut. His return date is also undecided.

According to MLB.com, Rodon is “very positive” about the cortisone injection treatment plan. It is expected that his injection treatment will speed up his return to the big leagues. However, when asked by reporters if he could realistically return by July, he replied, “I cannot set a specific schedule for my return.” He said that he could not guarantee a comeback within the first half.

“I’ll pitch when my body says I can throw,” Rodon said. Rodon currently has a fastball velocity of 87-90 mph, but he is not able to control it. 토토사이트

Born in 1992 and 30 years old, Rodon was a top prospect who was selected third overall (CWS) in the 2014 draft, but has suffered from injuries practically throughout his career. Until last year, his career record in 8 big league seasons was 847.1 innings in 152 games, 56 wins and 46 losses, and an average ERA of 3.60. He only pitched two regulation innings, and last season he went 14-8 with a 2.88 earned run average in 178 innings for the San Francisco Giants, his most innings in a single season.

Although he was a pitcher who was very concerned about his injury, the Yankees, who were thirsty for a championship, gave Rodon a six-year, $162 million contract. And Rodon is virtually ready to waste more than half of the first year of his contract, which should have been the youngest and best, with injuries. 

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