Danbi Kim? Jeonghyeon of Soongui Girls’ High School, “Isn’t it really a bit similar to Kim Dan-bi, who is breaking through?

“Wouldn’t it be a bit similar to Kim Dan-bi who broke through (laughs)”

Sungui Girls’ High School played Samcheonpo Girls’ High School in the 2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship Gimcheon Tournament Group B qualifier held at the Gimcheon Indoor Auxiliary Gymnasium on the 5th, 62 Won with -40. The victory on this day is the first win during the federation’s presidency.

Chung Hyeon (180cm, F) made a splash with 17 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocked shots. Soongui Girls’ High School, which played with 6 players, won a stable victory with an organic attack.

After the game, Jeong Hyeon said, “I didn’t think we would win easily. As expected, it was not an easy match. I don’t like the match that day. was seen,” he said.

He added, “The players at Soongui Girls’ High School are similar in height. There are no very short players and no very tall players. So, regardless of position, we all play basketball that moves organically.”

Junghyun is a sophomore in high school. He can play the high school stage for a year and a half.

He revealed, “Stamina is the biggest problem. I need to supplement my stamina more. Also, I don’t try a lot of three-point shots, but the success rate is not high. I’m practicing mainly on three-point shots.”

On the other hand, Jung Hyun’s role model is Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F). Although his role model changed often, he firmly took Danbi Kim as his role model from the third year of middle school. 토스카지노

“Danbi Kim is the best among female basketball players. I learned from watching many players play, but the player who matches my basketball is Danbi Kim. In fact, my role model changed often (laughs). Park Ji-hyun, my senior in the 3rd year of middle school Along with that, I chose Danbi Kim as my role model.”

When asked what percentage of the synchro rate he reached with Danbi Kim, he said, “(Compared to Danbi Kim) I’m still lacking a lot. I think I follow about 10%. I’m confident in my mid-range jumper. In this competition, we won’t show many mid-range jumpers. I couldn’t. I’m confident in breaking through. Wouldn’t breaking through be a bit similar to Kim Dan-bi (laughs),” he smiled.

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