Director Kim Ho-cheol caught the biggest fish in the 亞 quota and said, “It’s luck to bring Pompoon”

In the women’s professional volleyball division, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea captured Thai national team setter Phonpun Gedpard (30, 173cm), who was considered the biggest Asian quarter player.

IBK Industrial Bank received the first choice in the 2023-2024 season women’s Asian quarter draft held at the Stanford Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 21st. In this draft, a lottery was conducted with a total of 70 marbles, and 10 marbles were equally assigned to each team.

Director Kim Ho-cheol of IBK Industrial Bank, who had the good fortune of being nominated in the first place, called Ponpun’s name. Regarding the reason for choosing Phonpun, coach Kim explained, “We needed a player who can attack with the fast pattern that our team is pursuing.”

Ponpun made his professional debut in the 2009-2010 season with Nakhon Nonthaburi, which belongs to his home league, and experienced overseas leagues such as Japan, Poland, and Romania.

In the previous 2022-2023 season, I ate rice with Lee Da-young in the Romanian League Rapid Bucharest. In 2021, Lee Da-young, along with his twin sister Lee Jae-young, were named as perpetrators of school violence and were expelled from the V-League. 먹튀검증

Manager Kim, who made a name for himself as a great setter during his active career, has experience playing in overseas leagues such as Italy. Ponpun will lead the team as a foreign national player in the Asian Quarter. Manager Kim emphasized, “Setter is a leader who must lead the team. He must make it possible for him to play volleyball as he thinks.”

We need to lead Ponpun, who speaks fast toss, to melt into the team quickly. Manager Kim said, “I planned to play volleyball in the new season. I started physical training to be able to play fast,” and smiled, saying, “I think it’s fortunate that I brought a suitable ponpun.”

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