‘Dream-like 8 consecutive wins – 1st place’ Lotte goes ‘hook’ in one shot if there is no rebound

If there is no rebound in the starting lineup, you must keep in mind that you can go ‘hook’ in one shot!

Busan is a party house. Because the Lotte Giants are good at baseball. Lotte achieved 8 consecutive victories in 13 years. Passionate Busan fans gave the team a ‘hot’ reward by selling out the Kiwoom Heroes match at Sajik Stadium on the 30th. Unbelievable run for first place in the league.

But this joy cannot last forever. The winning streak could end today, or the losing streak could lead to a downtrend. If you look at professional sports, you will see a lot of cases where a team that has been riding a long winning streak loses, and immediately falls into the ‘aftereffects of winning streak’. While winning, you may be tired from excitement, but during that winning time, the fatigue from the strength you used to use is rushing at once.

Baseball is harder. It means that the team continues to win, and the number of appearances and playing time of the bullpen and the starting fielders increase. No matter how much we try to manage it, we can’t just watch the players who are good at winning games without sending them out.

In the meantime, starting pitchers are the positions that play under strict management regardless of winning streak or losing streak. The starting pitchers have to take responsibility and lead the game stably so that the team does not have any burden. 크크크벳

By the way, Lotte’s 8-game winning streak is in the wrong. The starting lineup is disappointing. Not only during the winning streak, but throughout this season, the starting pitchers have not been able to exert themselves. Two foreign pitchers, Barnes and Strayley, and Park Se-woong, the “Man of 9 Billion Won” combined, are winning only one win this season, and it is a mystery that the team is running in first place. Han Hyun-hee also has an average ERA of 7 points if he has two wins. If it had not been for Na Kyun-an, who appeared like a comet, Lotte would have collapsed even if it collapsed immediately.The batting line, which showed concentration in harmony with the new and old, and the bullpen, which overcame the release sadness and kept the back door like an iron wall with an average ERA of 0 points, made it 8 consecutive victories. Now, it is the turn of the starting pitchers to pay the ransom. It should be kept in mind that if the starting pitchers continue to collapse, the upward trend, such as the streak that Lotte has built up with difficulty, can disappear in an instant, just like a sandcastle collapsing.

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