‘Escape from the dark age in 20 years’… Seattle shouted ‘West District Championship’

Seattle’s president, Jerry Dipoto, revealed that the realistic goal is to win the Western District.

Last season was an unforgettable season for the Seattle Mariners. Seattle, which advanced to the postseason by winning the Major League American League West Division in 2001, has not stepped on the postseason stage for 20 years. However, last season, he recorded 90 wins and 72 losses in the regular league, finishing second in the American League Wild Card and playing fall baseball for the first time in 21 years.

Seattle, facing the Toronto Blue Jays in the Wild Card Series, got off to a good start with a 4-0 win in Game 1. Then, in the second game, they reversed 1-8 to 10-9 to catch Toronto and advance to the Division Series. Seattle, which met the Houston Astros, ended its fall baseball season with a three-game losing streak. 먹튀검증

Seattle traded Easton McGee, Teoscar Hernandez, Cooper Hummel, Colton Wong and Justin Topa ahead of the season. Among free agent (FA) players, they succeeded in signing Trevor Gott, AJ Pollack, and Tommy La Stella.

On the 2nd (Korean time), CEO Dipoto attended a spring training preview held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA. Dipoto said his goal this season is to compete for a playoff spot like last season.

“We think it’s a realistic goal. We’ll do the best we can,” Dipoto said. “We think this offseason is meaningful. We feel like we’re better than we were at the end of last season. The depth is thicker and it is a more complete team.”

Dipoto said he would keep investing through the season and hope to win a division championship. “The start of the season isn’t Game 162. The start of the season is Game 1. We’ve done the last couple of years, whether it’s a player within our system or a player from another team, we’re trying to get better,” he said. I will invest in it. My goal is to win the division.”

“This team has the most depth I’ve had since I’ve been here,” said head coach Scott Service, who was also present. “They’re going to play a big part in getting us into the playoffs. Like I said, we want to win the division.”

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