Expedition to Jeju, which is difficult for exiters… Pohang’s first test bed in the ‘first loss’

Pohang suffered its first loss to Incheon United (0-2 loss) in the 10th round after going undefeated in 9 matches (5 wins, 4 draws). With 19 points, they are in third place behind FC Seoul on many points.

Pohang started off well this season. He did not lose once in 9 matches. However, in the match against Incheon, striker Kim In-seong was sent off for accumulated warnings in the first half, and he was outnumbered. In the second half, he used an aggressive replacement card, but gave up two goals and knelt down.

It was the first loss in 10 games, and that was also a loss at home. It hurts, but we have to stop it from leading to a losing streak. Pohang is experiencing breakaways. Kim In-seong, who was sent off, cannot play against Jeju United in the 11th round. Moreover, Jaehee Jung is out due to a hamstring injury, so there are not many resources available for the second line. Baek Seong-dong and Kim Seung-dae should spend more playing time. The use of Jae-hoon Cho and Jae-woon Yoon, who are under 22 (U-22) resources, is also of interest.

In addition, Kim Jong-woo, who played a key role in midfield, is taking a break feeling pain in his knee. It is not a big injury, but it seems that it will be difficult for him to play before Jeju. Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong is managing the midfield with a combination of Oberdan and Lee Seung-mo. Only two matches were played with this combination.

Moreover, Pohang will play two consecutive away matches. First of all, a difficult Jeju expedition awaits. Next we will face Daegu FC. First of all, Pohang defeated Jeju 3-0 in the opening game last season, but lost 0-5 in the match held in August. As such, the Jeju expedition is a burdensome schedule.

Moreover, Jeju, which suffered ups and downs at the beginning of the season, has recently turned upside down. They are on the rise with 4 away wins in a row and the last 2 wins in a row. Injured players, including defender Jeong Woon, are joining one after another. Injured defenders Lim Chae-min and Yeon Je-woon are also known to have digested the evaluation match on the 1st. There is a possibility of returning to Pohang at the earliest. 토토사이트

Pohang’s priority is to break through Jeju’s solid three-back. Pohang’s frontline striker Jeka has not scored in 5 games since the match against Jeonbuk Hyundai (2-1 win) in the 4th round. It’s time to show the face of a solver. Also, Lee Ho-jae, who appeared as a ‘super joker’, stopped at 3 goals. Pohang had no major ups and downs in their performance this season as well as their results. Attention is focusing on whether Pohang will be able to overcome its first defeat and change the tide in the match against Jeju.

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