Four sisters united by futsal “Next time, I’ll score a goal in an official competition”

The four sisters traveled to Taean, Chungcheongnam-do, together on July 7. They visited the Taean Civil Gymnasium to try on the jerseys of Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do’s SHERO FS, except for Oh Tae-gyu (23), the youngest of the four sisters. This was to compete in the women’s division of the Korea Futsal Federation (KFL) 2023 Futsal Korea (FK) Cup, a tournament for futsal enthusiasts.

Oh Ye-seo (33), Oh Soo-jin (31), and Oh Da-kyung (25) were on the field, while Oh Sun-jin (28) sat in the stands holding her son, who just turned 100 days old. Cheongju SHERO FS had just won a thrilling penalty shootout against Seoul Seongdong WFC in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Despite conceding an equalizer just before the end of the game (5-5), the team won 4-3 in penalty kicks. “We came to watch the sea together, but we didn’t expect to win,” says Da Kyung, adding, “After the game, the four of us went to a sand festival on the beach and had fun.”

The three started playing soccer last February, when the sisters headed to the field together at the suggestion of their eldest sister. “I’ve been exercising for two or three years, but I was bored because I was doing it alone. “I started playing soccer because I was looking for the fun I had when I played squash for a while, and I wanted to play with people,” she says, explaining that her sisters were persuaded by her. “About two weeks after we started playing soccer, Sunjin came to watch and said, ‘You’re really bad,'” Ye-seo said. “After we won, he said, ‘You’re really good. ‘ After we won, he said, ‘You’re really good. I’m proud of you,’ and we were proud.”

Although they have been playing for less than six months, futsal has become a way of life for them. “It’s similar to life in that you don’t play alone, you play with one goal, you play with each other, and you play to fill in the gaps,” said Ye Seo. Soo-jin, a second mother of three boys, said, “The moment I kick the ball, I am freed from the stress of parenting, even for a moment. Usually, I’m just a mom of three boys, but playing soccer makes me feel like a real ‘Usujin’.” Da Kyung, who was the most reluctant to start playing soccer at first, said, “I couldn’t kick a ball at first, but as I trained and played, I got better and better, and it’s fun to learn from players who are better than me.” Ye Seo said from the sidelines, “Da Kyung is the best among the three of us now.” 토토사이트

Cheongju SHERO FS was eliminated by Incheon ALTONG Ladies 0-14 in the semifinals on August 8. The three said after the game, “It’s amazing that we can achieve something together. We haven’t scored a goal in a big official tournament like this yet, but we hope to one day.” “When Sun-i gets a little older, she will join us,” said Ye-seo, looking forward to the day when the four sisters will play together on a team.

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