Georgina “Ronaldo and I are in a common-law relationship… I will have a wedding too.”

‘Ronaldo’s girlfriend’ Georgina Rodriguez (29) revealed her splendid life.

Netflix released the documentary ‘I Am Georgina Season 2’ featuring Georgina on the 24th. She is Ronaldo’s girlfriend and can look into the daily life of Georgina, who lives a luxurious life. Georgina is also living in Saudi Arabia as Ronaldo moved to Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr.

Georgina, who has been living with Ronaldo since 2017, gives birth to his child and maintains a common-law marriage relationship. Last year she suffered the miscarriage of Georgina and Ronaldo’s child.

Georgina said, “Ronaldo and I are a couple made by God. I’m not getting married anymore. In the eyes of God, Ronaldo and I are already married.” 토토사이트

Georgina is not legally Ronaldo’s wife. She looked forward to her marriage registration and wedding, saying, “I will be able to hold a wedding someday.”

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