‘Glasses Ace’ Park Se-woong, the will to play the WBC engraved on the glove

Park Se-woong (28), the ‘Ace of glasses’ of the Lotte Giants, changed his glove ahead of the spring camp. 

Park Se-woong, whom we met at Sangdong Stadium in Gimhae on the 4th, showed off the new gloves and smiled, saying, “The owner of the company who has been sponsoring gloves since my first year of high school made them a special product.” On the glove, the phrase ‘2023 WBC’ was engraved along with the Taegeukgi. 

He said, “After the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team list was announced in the middle of last month, the president of the company gave me three gloves. We will do our best to produce good results.”  카지노사이트

Park Se-woong’s stock price rose after transferring to Lotte, and sponsorship offers from baseball equipment companies continued. He received a sponsorship offer from a global sporting goods company, but politely declined. It is because of his loyalty to the glove company that helped him since childhood. 

He explained the reason, “I must not forget the warm consideration of the boss who helped me since I was young without any payment.” He was quite different from some players who easily change companies only for immediate profit. 

On this day, Park Se-woong successfully completed his third bullpen pitching. As Futures pitching coach Lim Kyung-wan watched, he threw 52 balls. He threw a variety of pitches, including fastballs, sliders, curveballs, and forkballs. 

Park Se-woong said, “I am in very good shape. There is no major discomfort, and even when I throw the ball, I feel very good. The first bullpen pitching was really good, but not as much as today. The second bullpen pitching felt like going back and forth. The balance was good and I wanted it. The ball went in. The breaking ball was also satisfactory.” 

He continued, “(Jeong) Bo-geun said that his pace was good enough to play today. I don’t know the exact speed because I didn’t look at the speed gun, but Bo-geun said it felt like 148km. He said it was almost the same as the one he threw during the season. I confirmed that my feelings were not wrong.”

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