He is a 124-win pitcher like Park Chan-ho… 47 homeruns, face, shock ERA fell last

The unexpected sluggishness continues. Although he is a veteran pitcher who has won 124 individual wins in the major leagues, he is now at the bottom of his ERA.

The Chicago White Sox is one of the teams that collapsed early this year unexpectedly. The White Sox are currently 13-25 with a .342 winning percentage in 38 games played. 4th in the American League Central Division. With the Kansas City Royals (11-27), it is barely avoiding the lowest place in the district.

There are many reasons for the decline of the White Sox, but one of them is the poor performance of veteran pitcher Lance Lynn (36).

Lin is a player with 124 wins in his personal career, which is tied with the 124 wins recorded by Park Chan-ho, the ‘Korean Express’. However, this year’s results are disastrous. Lin’s record this season is 1 win 5 losses with an average ERA of 7.51. In particular, his ERA is at the bottom of the American League.

Even in 2021, Lin recorded an ERA of 11-6 and an average ERA of 2.69. Last year, he went 8-7 with a 3.99 ERA, and his results weren’t too bad.

However, on the 11th (Korean time), Lynn was hit with 9 hits and 7 runs in 5 innings in an away game against Kansas City in the Major League 2023 held at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. suffered. 스포츠토토

After the game, Lin said in an interview with Major League Baseball’s official website (MLB.com), “I couldn’t throw it high when I needed it, and when I tried to throw it low, the ball went into the middle. I did it and got a lot of hits in a row,” he said, saying that the ball was not done as he wanted.

Lin struggled with two home runs in the game that day as well, but this year, he has already hit 11 home runs in 44⅓ innings, raising concerns. If this pace continues until the end of the season, it will be a pace that will record 47 home runs. That compares to 19 home runs in 121⅔ innings last year. He also has 54 hits, which is the record for the pitcher with the most hits in the American League. That’s why his position is not powerful.

In the 8 games he pitched this year, only 1 game was a quality start, and he is recording a home run in all but 1 game. It is unknown when he will be able to return to his former form. that’s the reality

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