‘Heroic Age Gather!’ Lim Young-woong, FC Seoul home game celebration… Daegu match on April 8

National singer Lim Young-woong will act as the organizer of FC Seoul’s home game held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on 4/8 (Sat) at 16:30, giving FC Seoul great power.

‘Grow with uS, GS’ GS Sports’ professional soccer team FC Seoul (hereafter referred to as FC Seoul) invites Lim Young-woong, a national singer who is a ‘soccer fan’, to celebrate the cherry blossoms in spring as a special event.

Through this celebration, Lim Young-woong will wish for the development of the K-League and FC Seoul, which are the foundations of Korean football, and will also be filled with support for all players, including FC Seoul Hwang Ui-jo and Ki Sung-yong, who have built relationships through the common denominator of football. am. Lim Young-woong prepared a small gift with gratitude directly to the fans who visited the Seoul World Cup Stadium as well as the Sichuan at the home game on the 8th, and also watched the game.

Meanwhile, under the concept of ‘Spring Outing with FC Seoul’, FC Seoul provides opportunities for various experiences such as an air bounce playground and a cannon shoot booth where children can play. At the food truck loved by FC Seoul fans, a variety of menus await the fans. 먹튀검증

In addition, FC Seoul, which is holding various events to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its founding in the 2023 season, led a great response with a surprise congratulatory video by ‘Legend’ coach Park Hang-seo and Piapong. Accordingly, another surprise congratulatory video is scheduled once again to highlight the 40th anniversary history.

Reservations for FC Seoul’s home games on April 8 (Sat) can be made on April 3 (Mon) from 18:00 through FC Seoul’s official website, official application, and ticket link, and Monster Room and Monster Lounge are available through Ticket Monster. Reservation is possible.

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