Hyeonjong Yang’s honest feelings while watching ‘Hyunjong Gwang Match’… “If you don’t do it now, you are a partner, not a rival”

The match between KIA and SSG held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 9th is a match of the same age between two pitchers representing the KBO League, Yang Hyeon-jong (35‧KIA) and Kim Gwang-hyun (35‧SSG). attracted attention as It was the 7th match between the two players.

In the last six head-to-head matches, they have won two each, and the team’s performance has also been equal. A confrontation after 8 years. In other words, considering the active service left to the two players in the future, there could be no confrontation in the future. What the two players had to fight was not the pitcher, but the opponent hitters, but they couldn’t help but pay attention.

The winner was Hyeonjong Yang. Yang Hyeon-jong, who took a sufficient break and played the game today, took 6 hits in 8 innings, but struck out 10 and scored a no run, leading the team to a 3-0 victory and winning their second victory of the season. With this victory, Yang Hyeon-jong recorded 161 wins in total, standing shoulder to shoulder with Jung Min-cheol (161 wins), who is second in the KBO League history.

Yang Hyeon-jong said after the game, “I don’t think it was too much of a burden. We had a game after a long time, so I hoped that not only me but also the fielders would improve their condition. I paid more attention to things like power analysis because I was not fighting with the opposing pitcher, but with the opposing batters,” he said. It seems that I pitched aggressively because I was in good condition, so I was able to catch the number of pitches and other things well,” he said overall.

In fact, there was a desire to complete the ninth episode. Yang Hyeon-jong said, “I thought that this kind of opportunity would not be common, so I was a little greedy, but the coach had a game on Sunday, and I trusted Hae-young because (finishing) Hae-young was in the stage where his condition was improving.”

When Coach Jung Myeong-won went up after two deaths in the 8th inning, he honestly confessed that he was not confident. However, catcher Han Seung-taek encouraged him, saying, “The ball is good,” and Yang Hyeon-jong was able to gather courage and complete the 8th inning with such encouragement.

Yang Hyun-jong did not attach much importance to winning the match against Kim Gwang-hyun. He said it was a different feeling than when he was young. Yang Hyeon-jong said, “I thought that no matter how much I wanted to win today, no matter how much I rotated together, there would be no meeting in the future.” That’s why I don’t want to play this game anymore. We always hope for good results for each other.” 메이저사이트

“I used to be a rival, and I always heard about it since high school, but now we are older and younger players are now hitting a lot, so rather than the word rival, I think of it as a companion who has really played baseball together for a long time,” he said. I hope I always do well, and I really have that kind of heart that I want to play baseball for a long time without injury.”

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