I spent 9 million won on Ohtani’s intuition, but he missed 7 games in a row… ‘Tokyo → Anaheim’ Japanese fan’s scream “How did this happen?”

There’s no such thing as bad luck. Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) spent over 1 million yen (about $908) to see the game in person, but the then-healthy Ohtani suffered elbow and side injuries. Ohtani missed a whopping seven games.

On the 11th (Japan time), Japanese baseball publication Full Count introduced the story of an avid Japanese fan in the U.S. who spent more than 1 million yen to wish Ohtani a speedy recovery from his injury.

Full Count reported, “Ohtani missed his seventh straight game on Nov. 11, when he was ruled out of a home game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 온라인카지노 There were many Japanese fans at the game, including Yuka Yonetani, who lives in Tokyo and has been coming to the game for seven consecutive games since he was injured five days ago. “Yonetani was disappointed, saying, ‘It’s a shame he didn’t come out,'” he said.

Ohtani was forced to leave the game early after injuring his elbow while pitching against the Cincinnati Reds on March 24. A medical examination revealed a damaged right ulnar collateral ligament, and his pitching duties were suspended. After focusing solely on hitting, he complained of side pain during batting practice against Baltimore on May 5, and had not batted in seven consecutive games until the day before. Unlike Ang.

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