“I will show that there are good players in the Philippines”… A 26-year-old Filipino chosen by Tommy, with extraordinary determination

“I will show that there are players who are good at volleyball in the Philippines.”

Outside hitter Mark Espeho (26) from the Philippines was nominated by Korean Air as the third pick in the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Draft held at the Sun Hotel in Jeju on the 27th.

Espejo is one of the Philippines’ volleyball stars. He swept several awards in the Philippine League. He was awarded Best Outside Hitter, League MVP, and more. He also has experience in various Asian leagues such as Thailand, Japan and Bahrain.

In two practice matches held in Jeju Island, he showed active movement and received a lot of attention, and was nominated by Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen. In particular, when coach Tillikainen was in Nagoya, I had an experience of meeting him hostilely in the Japanese league.

Espeho, who we met after the draft, said, “My heart felt like it would explode. he didn’t expect Isn’t Korean Air the defending champion? It is an honor to be chosen by Korean Air. I am happy,” he said.

Outside hitters for Espeho are South Korean national team members Jeong Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok. Also, there are young players with potential such as Jeong Han-yong and Lee Joon. You have to compete with them.

Espejo said, “They are representatives, but I am also a representative player. But now I belong to Korean Air. We have to do our best to help this team.” 카지노사이트

When your name was called from Korean Air, who came to your mind first?

He said, “Agent came to mind first. When my agent told me that the Asian Quarter Draft would be held in Korea, I applied right away without hesitation. He also thought of his family, friends and fans in the Philippines.”

Espeho has experienced several leagues in Thailand, Japan, and Bahrain. He is a man who is not afraid of challenges.

He said, “I like the challenge itself. There are things I learn from this experience, and I can share what I have learned in Korea. Basketball and women’s volleyball are popular in the Philippines. I want to become a tool for the popularity of men’s volleyball in the Philippines. I will also show that there are players who are good at volleyball in the Philippines.”

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