“I’m really sorry” Messi finally bowed his head to ‘absence of training’

In the end, I bowed my head to the ‘Saudi Arabia travel controversy’.

Lionel Messi uploaded an apology video on social network service (SNS) on the 6th (Korean time). Messi, dressed in a suit in the video, delivered a sincere apology.

The beginning came out on the 3rd. Messi made a ‘surprise visit’ to Saudi Arabia. It is known that the reason is to fulfill the role of public relations ambassador.

However, it was an incident that he did not attend the training without permission. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who is firmly angry, is likely to issue a strong punishment. The American media’ESPN’ reported that “PSG has decided to suspend wages for two weeks.” 토토사이트

As the controversy grew, the party directly stepped forward. In the video, Messi said, “As always, I thought I was taking a break after the game. It was a promised trip, so I couldn’t cancel it.” “Once again, I apologize for my actions. We are waiting for the club’s decision.”

Messi chose to go to Saudi Arabia after the match against Lorient in the 33rd round of French Ligue 1 on the 1st. Usually, the day after the match is given a vacation. At this time, Messi chose to travel.

But the timing wasn’t good. They lost 1-3 at home to Lorient. Coach Christophe Galtier conducted training the next day. It was already after Messi got on the plane. In the end, it led to a lack of training, and Messi apologized.

Meanwhile, Messi is likely to part ways with PSG after the end of this season. Various next destinations, such as returning to his home team FC Barcelona (Spain), are being discussed.

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