‘Intuition No. 1 Stadium’ Incheon, on-site feeling + fan-friendly ‘works well’… Expect to break through ‘10,000’ against Pohang

10,000 spectators are expected to visit the ‘most intuitive’ Incheon soccer stadium.

The K League, which struggled to attract spectators due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, will begin operating normally in 2022. Last year, half of the K League 1 clubs (FC Seoul, Ulsan Hyundai, Daegu FC, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Suwon Samsung, and Incheon United) attracted 100,000 fans, and this year, most of them (FC Seoul, Ulsan Hyundai, Daejeon Hana Citizen, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Daegu FC, Suwon Samsung, Pohang Steelers, and Incheon United) surpassed 100,000 fans early. This is how you can feel the K League boom.

According to data released by the Korea Professional Sports Association (2022 data-2023 release), Incheon was the club with the highest score in the “viewing satisfaction” category. With a score of 75.7 points, it far exceeded the overall average of 65.5 points in K League 1. Incheon was followed by Daegu with 72.2 points, Seoul with 70.6 points, Jeju with 70.4 points, Gimcheon with 69.4 points, Ulsan with 66.6 points, Seongnam with 66.3 points, Suwon FC with 66.1 points, Gangwon with 60.9 points, Jeonbuk with 52.5 points, and Suwon Samseong with 52.5 points.

Best value for money. Incheon, which ranked first in fan satisfaction, had the lowest cost of attendance (total cost of attendance per person per visit, excluding MD product purchases) at 29,166 won. The highest club is Suwon FC at 65,000 won, while the average is 47,700 won.

Finally, Incheon was also the best in the ‘satisfaction compared to expectations’ category. With a score of 80.8, Incheon was the only one of the 12 K League 1 clubs to score above 80. They were followed by Ulsan with 79.4, Pohang with 78.0, Daegu with 76.3, Gangwon with 74.7, Jeju with 73.8, Seoul with 73.5, Suwon FC with 73.2, Suwon Samsung with 72.7, Gimcheon with 72.6, Seongnam with 69.7, and Jeonbuk with 67.4. 소닉카지노

Incheon’s home stadium is highly regarded by fans, with all of the detailed categories scoring higher than the K League average, with the top three being on-site liveliness and atmosphere (91.4 points), fan group support (88.6 points), and direct access to players and managers (88.0 points). The demand for intuition is high due to the top-notch view of the K League and passionate fandom.

In response, clubs are strengthening their fan friendliness. Incheon recently organized a live signing announcement event for fans to coincide with the return of star player Mugosa, and provided the club’s season documentary “On the Pitch” on Coupang Play OTT to expand its reach. In addition, the team has also invited Incheon fan and “popular actor” Shin Hyun-soo as a home game starter, expanded interaction with the players at home games, and organized donation relays in the local community, among other fan-friendly initiatives.

After hosting a total of 114,706 fans in 14 home games this season, Incheon is currently averaging 8,193 fans per game. The team is expecting a crowd of 10,000 against Pohang this weekend. Incheon announced on the 31st, “Two days before the home game against Pohang, the number of advance ticket holders exceeded 6,000, and we are aiming for 10,000 spectators.

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