“It’s a tough situation…” How do you feel about Jonathan Cuminga ‘out of rotation’?

Golden State Warriors forward prospect Jonathan Kuminga (20, 203cm), who has been in his second year of NBA debut this season, has succeeded in expanding his position within the team by gradually increasing his playing time. Cuminga averaged 16.9 minutes last season. He played 3 fewer games this season than last season, but his average playing time increased significantly to 20.8 minutes.
Average points and rebounds also increased slightly from 9.3 points and 3.3 rebounds to 9.9 points and 3.4 rebounds. He played a game-changer role by completing highlight films in the attack with excellent physical condition and excellent athletic ability.

However, Cuminga doesn’t have a lot of weight in this playoff. So far, while the second round of the playoffs is underway, he has played in six games and averaged 6.0 minutes, 2.3 points and 0.8 rebounds. Even on April 27th, the 1st round Sacramento and the 5th game and the 3rd round the 2nd round Lakers and the 1st game did not even participate at all.

So what is the reason for Kuminga being pushed out of the rotation like this? There are two main things. First of all, the biggest reason is that Andrew Wiggins (28, 201cm), who belongs to the same position, returned to the court in time for the start of the playoffs overcoming family problems.

Apparently, from the team’s point of view, in a short-term match where ‘experience and dignity’ are valued, it is inevitable to place more emphasis on players with rich experience in large matches than rookies with little experience. Moreover, Wiggins showed good performances in the offense and defense throughout the playoffs last season, and played a significant role in helping Golden State win the Finals.

The second is rebound aggressiveness. Compared to his height and athletic ability, Cuminga’s rebounding ability isn’t that great. Even in the first round series with Sacramento right away, Cuminga played 37 minutes in 6 games and recorded only 5 rebounds. In the U.S., analysis has been raised that this is why Cuminga is not getting a chance. 크크크벳

Cuminga’s vacancy was taken by Jamaikal Green (32, 203cm). Green came off the bench in Game 1 of the second round against the Lakers and scored 6 points, including 2 3-pointers, in 8 minutes.

After the first game, coach Steve Kerr said, “We have to face a big and strong team. In that sense, Jamaikal (Green) can add strength from the back line in terms of height and air possession, and can also shoot 3-pointers. “He made a few 3-pointers today, which could be one way to loosen up the Lakers defense,” he said around the corner, explaining why he favored the green over Cuminga.

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