K-League, meet fans with a new look… 25 club system

The 2023 K-League, which celebrates its 40th anniversary, meets soccer fans with a new look.

▲ Chungbuk Cheongju FC and Cheonan City FC participating in K-League 2, K-League 25 club system
As Chungbuk Cheongju FC and Cheonan City FC participated in K-League 2, K-League 12 division 1 (K-League 1) from this season , The second division (K League 2) is operated with a total of 25 clubs in 13 clubs. The 2023 K-League 2 will be held on a schedule in which a total of 13 teams will play 36 games each.

▲ Expansion of the number of foreign players per K League 1 team to a total of 6
From the 2023 season, the K League 1 foreign player limit will be changed to ‘5 regardless of nationality + 1 Asian Football Federation (AFC) member country’. All registered foreign players can be included in the list of 18 players, but simultaneous participation during the game is limited to ‘3 players regardless of nationality + 1 nationality of an AFC member country’. As the limit on foreign players is increased, the Southeast Asian quota will be abolished. K-League 2 can retain and participate up to ‘3 people of no nationality + 1 nationality of AFC member country + 1 nationality of Southeast Asia’ as before.

▲ Flexible management of rental player contracts
In the past, all Korean player contracts were supposed to end on December 31st, so players from overseas leagues (Chuchunje) could not sign short-term contracts when leasing in Korea. However, starting this year, an exception was made for leases so that they could be terminated during the additional registration period.

▲ Restrictions on the scope of activities of coaching staff under suspension
Until now, coaching staff under suspension were only prohibited from sitting on the bench during games. In the case of the director’s official press conference, if the manager is on suspension, the agent for the business must attend.

In addition, ‘Sports Scientist’ has been added to the type of team staff registered with the Korea Professional Football Federation. 바카라사이트 It is to scientifically manage the physicals of the players and strengthen the professionalism of the leaders.

Also, Channel A Plus joined the K League 2 TV relay channel. Accordingly, the K-League 2 TV broadcast seeks fans through a three-channel structure of Channel A Plus, Life Sports TV, and IB Sports.

In addition, the financial soundness system is implemented to help the club’s efficient financial management and growth, such as compliance with the break-even point, compliance with the upper limit of player-related expenses, and capital erosion management.

Meanwhile, a separate K-League Social Contribution Foundation will be established to attract donations and strengthen CSR activities.

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