K6 Osanhana’s secret to maintaining ’26 years of roots’: the unspoken support of a 60-year-old veteran

There is a team in the K6 League that is continuing its history and tradition for 26 years.

On the 11th of this month, Gwangju Opohana FC and Osan Hana FC (hereinafter referred to as Osan Hana) faced off in the second round of the K6 Match Division D League at Anyang Freedom Park. Starting with a goal just before the end of the first half, Osanhana scored four goals in the second half to win 5-0.

After the game, Osahana head coach Kim Seung-yeon told the Korea Football Association, “It was tough from the first half as we were evenly matched, but I think our solid defensive organization and the fact that we didn’t lose the battle in the middle of the field helped us win the game today.”

Osanhana is a team with a long history, having been founded in 1997 and celebrating its 26th anniversary this year. Since its inception, the team has operated as a single club without merging or disbanding, and its members have a strong sense of pride. Osanhana participated in the K567 Division League since its inception in 2018 and won the K7 Osan Regional League in 2019 with an overwhelming undefeated record.

The following year, in 2020, they settled into the K6 Gyeonggi Region League and have been challenging for promotion to K5 ever since. Before the division system was launched, there was a mayoral tournament and an association tournament. The team has a long tradition of winning the most championships in the Osan region, including the Osan League and the Osan Unified League.

In 2011, the team was the runner-up in the Gyeonggi Love League. In a competition that is usually reserved for city or county representatives, Osanhana had the honor of being the first single club to place in the competition.

There’s a reason why Osanhana has stayed “rooted” for so long. Unlike other teams currently participating in the division league, the team has created a steering committee to ensure the stable management and development of the team.

The steering committee is comprised of founding member Kim Sang-kwon, chairman of the organization, and past executives. The steering committee provides material and mental support for all competitions and events organized by Osanhana, and is the team’s main source of support. 토토사이트

“We have players ranging in age from 20s to 60s,” says Kim Seung-yeon. The team has a good team atmosphere because the older advisors keep the center of gravity and work tirelessly for the survival of the team, but also because some of the players are playing together because they are related to each other, and the families of the players come to support them at every game, which creates a more harmonious atmosphere,” said Kim.

“Of course, it is important to win the remaining league games, but our goal is to maintain the current good team atmosphere and play soccer that everyone on the team can enjoy,” he said.

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