Karate, Hangzhou AG representative confirmed… Re-entry of existing players

The Korea Karate Federation aims for the gold medal as it is with its existing members.

On the 21st (Fri), the Korea Karate Federation (President Kang Min-joo) announced the representative players to compete in the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games.

The federation said, “The representative players to participate in the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games decided last year through deliberation by the Performance Improvement Committee and the Board of Directors to give the existing 8 players (4 men and 4 women) a chance to participate again, who were scheduled to participate in 2022.” notified

“As for the Asian Games representative players, existing men’s gata (brother) Park Hee-jun (Busan), Gumite -60kg Koo Ju-yeong (Ulsan), -75kg Pi Jae-yoon (Gyeongbuk), -84kg Baek Jun-hyeok (Gyeongbuk), and female players are Gumite. -50kg Jung Ji-young (Gyeongbuk), -55kg Hwang Soo-hyeon (Gyeongbuk), -61kg Chae Min-yeong (Daegu), +68kg Jung Hye-yeong (Ulsan).”

As the Asian Games were postponed for a year, a new group kata event was newly established in the karate category. To participate in the other team events, three players, including one individual, must participate. 카지노사이트

The federation is currently hiring foreign coaches for the national team, and after consultation with the Korea Sports Council training planning department, the AG team was selected so that the national team could participate in the 2023 Karate National Team Selection Competition in June and the Asian Karate Championships held in Malaysia in July. We are planning to analyze the power of competing countries and final check the performance of the athletes for this Asian Games.

The federation is promoted to a regular member this year, and the national team is converted to a regular event, and when the national team leader recruitment is completed, it plans to start full-scale strengthening training afterwards.

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