Kim Cheon, executive director of the ‘mascot class president election’ that made use of the team’s characteristics, became a topic of conversation

The method of strategy for the mascot class president election that utilized the characteristics of Kim Cheon is a hot topic.

The Korea Professional Football Federation (K League) will hold the 2023 K League mascot class president election from May 1 to 14. Kim Cheon’s mascot, ‘Gun Shu-ung’, runs with the symbol number 9 and aims to win the class president. For Gun Shuung’s election as class president, Managing Director Kim Cheon is conducting a special promotion using the player.

Due to the nature of the team, executive director Kim Chun gathers players from various teams to serve in the military, spends 1 year and 6 months, and returns to his original team. In addition to the cheering team, two additional teams must be voted for in the mascot class president election. Aiming at this point, Cheon Kim started promoting the target of the players’ original teams.

Players take off their mascot masks and encourage fans of the original team to vote for the mascot of Sangmu Kim Cheon. On April 28, a video in which Jo Young-wook made a surprise appearance in the mascot mask was uploaded to the official Instagram of Kim Cheon. Jo Young-wook said to FC Seoul fans, “Guardians, don’t forget to vote for Shu-ung. Seed fighting, too.”

The video literally garnered a lot of views. On the day of upload, 201,000 people watched it, and in two days, it recorded 260,000 views. Considering that the total reach of Kim Cheon’s Instagram reached about 200,000 this year, one video far exceeded the total number of views. Currently, Jo Young-wook’s video has 276,000 views. The video was also regrammed by Lee Kang-in from Mallorca, Spain.

On May 1st, Hyunmook Kang made a surprise appearance in the mascot group, Shuung. He encouraged Suwon Samsung’s mascot, Agil Leon, who is active as an honorary class president, to vote with the words, “Agil Leon, how about one vote for our Shu Woong-i?”

In addition, messages from Kimcheon Sangmu’s players to the mascots of each K-League team, including Jeju, Jeonnam, Incheon, and Pohang, will be uploaded sequentially on Kimcheon Sangmu’s official Instagram. 토스카지노

An official from Kim Cheon’s managing director said, “The ranking is also a ranking, but as the players’ original teams are diverse, we wanted to create a fun topic for fans to enjoy through the class president election. We planned and executed it together with college student marketers who have unique ideas.” .

On the other hand, Kim Cheon Sangmu’s mascot ‘Gun Shuung’ is currently ranked 4th thanks to the promotion of using target players from the original team. 

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