Kim Hee-jin ran out of the court in a hurry during operation time…why?

On the 29th, the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game’ was held at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium.

This All-Star Game was held with a special concept. Reflecting the trend of the MZ generation, a new team was formed in 1995 with M-Star and Z-Star for men before and after birth, and M-Star and Z-Star for women before and after birth in 1996. M-Star won with a total score of 53-52 as a result of the combined men and women in the 4th set.

In addition to the game, M-Star of veterans and Z-Star, a gathering of young guns, provided fans with many things to see.

During the operation time of the first set, Kim Hee-jin ran out of the court. The crowd thought that Kim Hee-jin went to the bathroom. However, IBK Industrial Bank Santana appeared wearing Kim Hee-jin’s uniform. Kim Hee-jin appeared wearing a club jumper instead of a uniform.

Fans were a bit confused, but they applauded Santana wearing Kim Hee-jin’s uniform. Santana didn’t make the roster for this All-Star game. Kim Hee-jin To give good memories to this kind of Santa, she gave her uniform.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea Santana, who made a surprise appearance, was not an official participant in the All-Star game, but had a good time celebrating when the players scored. It was a scene where both the spectators and players were warmed by Kim Hee-jin’s consideration.

Z-stars Lee Da-hyun, Kwon Min-ji, and Kang So-hui performed a girl group dance after scoring, while M-star Kim Yeon-kyung imitated Z-star’s dance and laughed at the crowd. 토토사이트

Kim Hee-jin transformed into a referee during the game and received yellow and red cards for players who appealed to the judges, while Joo-ah Lee, Min-ji Kwon, Naread, and Santana transformed into assistant referees and made decisions in favor of their team.

On this day, Shin Young-seok of KEPCO and Lee Da-hyun of Hyundai E&C were selected for the ceremony award.

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