Kim Jong-woo’s tearful farewell with director Lee Jung-hyo “I’m sorry and I’m sorry”

After spending two years with Gwangju FC, Kim Jong-woo chose a fresh start with the Pohang Steelers. However, the steps to leave Gwangju were not light.

Kim Jong-woo chose to transfer to Pohang in January. Pohang needed a replacement for midfielder Shin Jin-ho, who left for Incheon United. In the end, I was able to bring Kim Jong-woo, who was equipped with passing, technique, and pressure off, after paying close attention.

His Pohang progressed abruptly. Kim Jong-woo thought of going with Gwangju this season and heard the news of his transfer while training in Thailand, Gwangju’s first training ground.

He talked about the process of transferring to Pohang through the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the KAL Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province on the 7th. Kim Jong-woo said, “I was embarrassed to proceed after being contacted while thinking that I would stay in Gwangju. It was finished in less than two days.”

Kim Jong-woo did not worry too much about choosing to move to Pohang. He said, “I have been talking with Pohang since two years ago. The atmosphere in Pohang itself was good, so there was no problem.”

He left a farewell message on his Instagram as the Pohang transfer was confirmed. In particular, he did not forget to thank director Lee Jung-hyo. At the time, Kim Jong-woo said, “Lastly, I saw and learned a lot from director Lee Jeong-hyo as a person and as a leader. There were times when he hated the director a lot, but he seems to have developed a lot of affection because he was afraid of hatred. I will sincerely cheer for Gwangju to surprise everyone with good results again under the coach’s guidance! Thank you!” he wrote.

Kim Jong-woo said, “Last season, I couldn’t play many games, so I had a meeting with coach Lee Jung-hyo. There were many difficult parts, and 메이저사이트 the director also expected a lot from me. It took time to adjust to each other. (After the transfer was confirmed) I cried out loud while meeting the coach. I was sorry and I was sorry,” he said, trying to keep a special relationship with director Lee Jung-hyo.

He is determined to take a new leap forward under coach Kim Ki-dong. There is also a big task to erase the vacancy of Shin Jin-ho as well as the midfield commander.

Kim Jong-woo said, “It is very different from Gwangju soccer. He is thinking while watching Pohang matches. It is football that I like in a big frame. If the director trusts me, there are many things I can do well.”

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