Kim Min-jae enters the training center → does not participate in A match → apply for buyout → transfer… ‘Interpretation backwards’ There are also Napoli fans

There is an interpretation that Kim Min-jae’s basic military training is a green light to remain in Naples, but there are people who look backwards.

The logic is that if you skip an A match and receive military training in June, you will transfer in July.

Italian media such as ‘Area Napoli’ and ‘Calcio Mercato’ said from the 28th, “Kim Min-jae needs to undergo basic military training for 3 weeks in June-July. He was exempted from military service with a gold medal in the Asian Games, but just like Tottenham Son Heung-min did in 2020. He said, “This can be good news for Napoli, which applied a buyout of about 50 million euros (70 billion won) to foreign clubs from July 1 to 15, 2023 when signing with Kim Min-jae last summer.” he explained.

If you win a gold medal in the Asian Games, you will serve as an art and sports personnel. After receiving basic military training, they must complete 544 hours of volunteer work while immersing themselves in the relevant sport for 34 months.

Kim Min-jae completed registration as an arts and sports agent in June of last year, but he has to undergo three weeks of training within a year after registration.

Based on this, the Italian media interprets that the period of basic military training for Kim Min-jae may overlap with the period of application of the buyout clause. In addition to the medical test restrictions, Kim Min-jae’s physical condition can change, so it is expected that Naples can act as a big variable to protect Kim Min-jae. 먹튀검증

However, there are Napoli fans who interpret this backwards. It means that Kim Min-jae skipped an A-match, received basic military training, and transferred immediately after being subject to a buyout.

One fan expressed the opinion, “There is no way that Kim Min-jae is unaware of this process. He will be able to go to another big club in early July after completing military training in June.”In addition to Kim Min-jae’s endless transfer rumors, the military training period was added as a variable. The Naples club, which predicted that there was some possibility of staying in Naples, was more nervous about the recent participation in Manchester City, and Kim Min-jae’s personal trends were also closely examined. 

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