Kim Min-jae, ‘The 2nd Lucio’ is visible… “A defender disguised as a winger”

Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) has grown into the league’s top center back in just one year after entering Italy, but the ‘growth’ is still the same. He shows off his sharp skills every day not only in his iron-clad defense, but also in his offensive possession.

Kim Min-jae played full-time in the 2022-23 season against Serie A Torino in Turin, Italy on the 20th (Korean time), playing full-time and contributing to the team’s 4-0 victory.

Nameless. The four-back splendor of Napoli, which led the team in scoring this season (16 goals), was steady.

Matias Olivera took over the left flank instead of starting leftback Mario Hui, but the back composed of Olivera, Kim Min-jae, Amir Rahmani and Giovanni Di Lorenzo combined for their 17th scoreless win in the official match this season.

military science. Kim Min-jae was outstanding among the dogs. According to, a soccer statistics media outlet, on this day, Kim Min-jae harvested 2 successful tackles, 3 kicks, and 4 interceptions. The pass success rate was also 90%, and the build-up was also dazzling.

It seems that he is greedy for the position of ‘attacking defender’. In the match against Turin, he acted as the starting point for an additional goal with explosive efforts, drawing praise from the local media.

In the 34th minute, the team was leading 1-0. Kim Min-jae, who received a pass near the half-line, drove the ball along the left side and ran.

Torino’s main striker Antonio Sanabria and athletic full-back Wilfrid Cingo caught up, but in vain. Kim Min-jae penetrated all the way to the left of the penalty box and raised a running cross.

Cross was cut by the opposing defender. However, in the ensuing attack situation, teammate Hvica Kvarachhelia scored a penalty kick to widen the score. The ‘crack’ created by the center back in the team had a considerable effect.

The Italian media, Gazzetta Dell’Osport, paid attention to Min-jae Kim’s breakthrough and said, “(Probably) the Naples center back seems to have been bored with only defending.” It left a deep impression on the fans.”

The cool sprint toward the enemy camp is in the mood to establish itself as Kim Min-jae’s signature move. The Naples crowd responds with loud cheers whenever Kim Min-jae dribbles forward at the home stadium.

The second leg of the round of 16 of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) was the same on the 16th. He surprised the crowd with his bold dribble breakthrough.

Lucio (45, Brazil), an aid in this field, was visible at first glance. Lúcio, who played an active role as one of the world’s best center backs in Bayern Munich and Inter Milan during his active career, has excellent personal defense based on his imposing physical condition (height 188cm), but has also built a high reputation for being agile in attacking.

He was good at the role of ‘releasing from behind’, such as attempting a rear build-up with an elaborate long pass or carrying the ball directly with forward dribbling. His header scoring using his tall height and decent athletic ability is also excellent. He scored 4 goals in 105 A matches and 34 goals in 447 club matches.

It is Kim Min-jae who truly fascinated the European football world. In the first year of transfer in Italy, the home of the ‘Bracket Defense’, he is active with 2 goals and 1 assist in 26 league games.

According to football statistics company Foot Mob, Kim Min-jae recorded an average rating of 7.52 in the first 25 games this season. He ranks 7th overall in Serie A and 1st among defenders. His predecessor, Kalidu Koulibaly (31, Chelsea), who left for England, had a rating of 7.49 last season. 카지노사이트

This summer, the big clubs in the four major leagues are keeping an eye on Kim Min-jae. Led by Manchester United and Liverpool (above England), Real Madrid (Spain) and Bayern Munich (Germany) participated in the match, and even Tottenham Hotspur, played by senior national team member Son Heung-min, is showing a willingness to challenge again.

Football Insider, a British media outlet, said, “According to sources, Tottenham is trying to recruit Kim Min-jae again this summer.” “The player buyout amount is 43 million pounds (approximately 68.7 billion won), but Tottenham is ready to compete with Manchester United for the recruitment of Kim Min-jae. There is,” he analyzed.

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