Kim Seon-bin and Kim Do-young, KIA ‘Emergency’ deepening concerns over the succession of injured

An ’emergency’ took place for the KIA Tigers team. Coach Kim Jong-guk tries to fill the vacancy of the injured with existing players, but there were injuries in two consecutive games.

KIA suffered two injuries during the opening two matches against SSG Landers held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 1st and 2nd.

First of all, veteran Kim Seon-bin sprained his ankle while playing base run in the opening game on the 1st. In the second game on the 2nd, Kim Do-young, who started as the third baseman and second batter, sprained his left ankle while playing base.

In a situation where Na Seong-beom was not included in the opening entry, injuries came out two days in a row.

Regarding Kim Sun-bin’s condition, director Kim Jong-guk said, “It’s not serious, but there is swelling. Today (the 2nd), it is impossible to participate,” he explained. It is a situation where she can prepare for the next game if she rests for a while, but it was something to sweep her heart.

However, even Kim Do-young was injured before he could calm down his shocked heart. In the top of the 4th inning, KIA scored 6 points and led 8-2. Kim Do-yeong, who played a part in helping the team run away with a timely hit, was at second base and ran home when Hwang Dae-in hit a double. At this time he was injured.

A KIA official said, “Kim Do-young sprained his left ankle while stepping on the third base base during base play. He said he is currently undergoing icing treatment.” Kim Do-young eventually went to the hospital and received a checkup.

A KIA official said in the second half of the game, “Kim Do-young had an X-ray and CT scan at Gil Hospital in Incheon, and a diagnosis of a fracture of the left 5th metatarsal bone (in the top of the left foot) came out. Tomorrow, Seoul Sejong Orthopedic Surgery is scheduled to conduct a detailed examination again. The rehabilitation period will likely come after a detailed examination.”

Na Seong-beom has not been in good calf condition since the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) competition. Regarding Na Seong-beom, coach Kim said, “Now I have to play in the game with my body being built to be 100% more certain. That part still seems a bit lacking. I’m thinking mid-April, but a little more plus or minus. He might be a little longer or it could be shorter,” he worried. 메이저사이트

The day after Kim Sun-bin’s injury, he said, “I will try to fill the void well when there are no key players. I thought depth was a little more important, so I thought other players would do better.”

In addition, Kim Do-young is the player Kim intends to use as a starting third baseman. He had a hit in the opening game and swung a 3-hit hit before being sidelined with an injury that day. That’s why the injury is more regrettable.

Coach Kim said, “A team without injuries seems to be strong,” and hopes that the players will quickly return to health and ease their worries.

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