‘Klinsman’s debut opponent’ Colombia ace Hames salary revealed… ‘8.5 billion’

The salary of Colombian soccer team ace James Rodriguez (Olympiacos), the opponent before Klins Man-ho’s debut, has been revealed.

On the 21st, three days before the friendly match between Korea and Colombia in March, the South American media ‘Infobae’ Colombia edition reported that James’ annual salary reached 6 million euros (approximately 8.5 billion won), citing data from the business magazine ‘Forbes’. .

‘InfoBae’ said, “Hames, who has succeeded as a sports player, has also achieved great financial success.”

According to the media, Hames received an annual salary of 12.6 million euros (current exchange rate of about 17.7 billion won) and 8 million euros (about 11.3 billion won) from Real Madrid and Everton, respectively. He received 9 million euros (approximately 12.7 billion won) in Alayan.

Hames, who is 31 years old, has been out of the European big leagues for quite some time, but he is still receiving a fairly high salary as a member of Olympiacos based on his star and skills.

Hames’ actual income is expected to exceed 6 million euros a year, considering advertising expenses as well as coffee and real estate business profits. 카지노사이트

Hames joined Olympiacos in September of last year and showed off his teammate Hwang In-beom in midfield.

He has scored 5 goals and provided 5 assists in 17 Greek Super League matches.

The match between Colombia and Korea, where Hames and Hwang In-beom will play in midfield, will be held at Ulsan World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 24th.

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