“Kwanghyun has days like that.”

“Even Kwang-hyun has days like that.”

The SSG Landers, led by manager Kim Won-hyung, dropped their second straight game with a 6-7 loss at the KIA in Incheon on April 6. The final score was a one-run game, but starter Kwang-hyun Kim looked out of form as he gave up a season-high seven runs on eight hits (two homers) with three walks and one strikeout in four innings.

After giving up a solo home run to Choi Hyung-woo in the second inning, Kim gave up a walk and a stolen base to Lee Chang-jin and a double to Kim Tae-gun. In the fourth inning, Choi walked, Hwang Dae-in singled, and Lee Chang-jin singled to load the bases, then gave up back-to-back singles to Kim Tae-gun and Kim Kyu-sung and a sacrifice fly to Park Chan-ho. He came back in the fifth inning and gave up another home run to Choi Hyung-woo before being removed from the game.

“Even Kwang-hyun has days like that,” Kim Won-hyung said with a bitter smile before adding, “After playing two games against KIA, I feel like the atmosphere has improved with the return of the injured players. It was so good to see the lineup. I think the opponent’s condition was too good,” he said in support of Kwang-hyun. 안전놀이터

After an unexpected outburst from Kim Kwang-hyun, SSG pounded the KIA bullpen, scoring five runs in the eighth inning to pull within one run of KIA, 6-7. There is a difference in the energy of a game that is lost and one that is won.

“Actually, I had expectations while following (the score). Even though we lost by one run, the bullpen kept the game scoreless and showed a lot of focus, even though it was a dismal game with Kwang Hyun-i giving up seven runs in less than five innings,” said Kim, who hopes that yesterday’s game will improve the players’ mood.

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