LeBron’s Confidence: “We’re One of the Best Defensive Teams in the League”

The Lakers won Game 3 with their defense at the forefront.

The Los Angeles Lakers won 127-97 in a game against the Golden State Warriors in the 2nd round 3rd game of the 2022-2023 NBA playoffs held at the Los Angeles Crypto.com Arena on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time).

Anthony Davis (208cm, FC) dominated the game with 25 points, 13 rebounds, 4 blocked shots and 3 steals. LeBron James (203cm, F) also scored 11 points in the 3rd quarter to bring victory. The offense was good, but the strong defense tied Golden State to 97 points.

The Lakers had a rough start. It is because he could not control Klay Thompson (196cm, G), who played a big role in the second game. He gave up 11 points to Thompson alone. Conversely, the Lakers committed four errors in the first quarter alone. The first quarter ended with a score of 23-30.

However, the second quarter was different. The Lakers succeeded in changing the atmosphere by putting the defense at the forefront. He succeeded in tying Golden State to 18 points. In particular, Davis and Austin Reeves (196cm, G) showed tremendous presence in defense. In offense, LeBron and Davis combined for 18 points to lead the team’s offense. 42 seconds before the end of the second quarter, LeBron’s free throw made it 56-48.

And in the third quarter, James drove 11 points to widen the score gap. Also, a strong under-the-goal defense came out. Golden State, unable to find an answer to this, recorded a field goal success rate of 34% in the third quarter. The Lakers, who kept the remaining time, won by 30 points. 카지노사이트

“We are one of the best defensive teams in the league,” LeBron said after the game. In order for us to show off our best performance, we have to maintain a high level in defense,” he said, emphasizing defense.

Also, “Golden State is the best offensive team in the league. That’s why we need to stay vigilant and focus on every possession. In the future, our strong defense must continue.”

The Lakers boast a strong defense in this playoff. Average blocked shots are the highest at 8.2. The average steal is also 7.2, which is compliant. The defensive rating (expected points conceded in 100 defensive chances) is the lowest at 105.5.

This strong defense was the reason the Lakers defeated No. 2 seed Memphis, even though they were the No. 7 seed. The Lakers’ strong defense continues in the second round, and the Lakers have an advantage against Golden State.

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