Lee Young-jae’s candid confession after taking over the ‘relegation rights’ claim: “It was a burden, but…”

Suwon FC captain Lee Young-jae is working tirelessly to bring the team together.

Suwon FC lost 1-2 in the 28th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 against Incheon United at Suwon Sports Complex at 7 p.m. on May 25. Without another point, Suwon FC’s 10th place is in jeopardy.

It was a difficult game for Suwon FC, as if it couldn’t get any worse. Coach Kim Do-gyun’s plan to attack in the first half didn’t work due to the poor performance. In the midst of their struggles, Lee Young-jae injured his ankle during a contest and Kim Hyun injured his ankle in a small sinkhole in the center of the pitch. To make matters worse, Shin Dong-seok, the starting center back, suffered a large tear under his eye while battling with Chun Sung-hoon, making it difficult for him to continue playing.

Nevertheless, Suwon FC showed their strength in the second half. Lee Seung-woo balanced the game at the start of the second half and started to push forward, but the goal was in trouble. Kim Hyun and Lee Kwang-hyuk’s attempts on goal were rejected. Lopez, who came on as a late substitute, was sent off for an inexplicable elbow strike, making things even more difficult for the team, which eventually conceded with 30 seconds left to play.

“It was my first game at home after leaving the army, and I wanted to show the fans a bit of victory,” said Suwon FC captain Lee Young-jae, “and I wanted to show them something good personally, but I think it was a very disappointing game because I couldn’t do that,” he said.

[Lee Young-jae’s full interview]

-On his condition after the injury

First of all, I’m honestly not at 100%, but the team and the coaching staff have given me a lot of consideration and management, so I’ve come a long way. I think I can get better in the future.

-Andreas on his ankle injury

When I injured it, it hurt a little bit and I thought I might not be able to play. I think I’m lucky that it got better as I played. (Should I get it checked?) I don’t think it’s that bad now. Fortunately, I think it will be fine if I manage it.

-Lee Seung-woo + Yoon Beetgaram on their chemistry 소닉카지노

Of course, it wasn’t easy to coordinate because we were playing together for the first time. Lee Seung-woo, as you know, is a very aggressive player. His dribbling and passing are both good. Yoon Beetgaram is also very aggressive. As you know, he’s in the 50-goal-50-assist club, so he can score enough goals. I thought that what I can do is to help them, that if I support them, the team can do better, and if I sacrifice myself, the team can be a more harmonious midfield. I think a lot and try to fit in

-Kim Do-gyun on how his body hasn’t changed much since returning from the army

Personally, I lifted a lot of weights in the army. I followed my teammate Kim Ji-hyun and lifted a lot of weights. I gained a lot of muscle mass and was discharged from the army with more than 3 kilograms of weight, so that’s what my coach said, but I think I was able to grow a little more physically in the army.

-Relegation battle

You experienced relegation last year with Gimcheon Commerce. G

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