Lim Young-woong, dreams come true.. I met Messi in Paris, France

Singer Lim Young-woong showed his affection for soccer player Lionel Messi.

On the 12th, on Lim Young-woong’s YouTube channel ‘Lim Young-woong’, ‘I didn’t know this would come out!? (I didn’t know either) Lim Young-woong, finally meeting Messi!? | Youngwoong Lim’s Reload: Behind’ video was posted.

In an interview, Young-woong Lim said, “Young-woong Lim’s main job is a soccer player. I really like football to the extent that I can say that. As much as I went to Europe, I couldn’t not watch soccer.”

Also, “I love and love football so much. I used to play soccer almost five times a week. As I got busy, I didn’t have time to play soccer, but when I had time little by little, I started playing soccer. Mentally and physically through football. It heals me mentally,” he said.

He said, “Soccer is the source for singing” and “(My favorite soccer player) is Lionel Messi. This is the all-time number one, GOAT.”

Subsequently, Lim Young-woong visited Paris, France to see Lionel Messi. “I was calmer than I thought,” he said. He confessed his trembling heart before meeting Messi. 토토사이트

It happened to be the day of the match between Paris Saint-Germain FC, where Lionel Messi is playing, and FC Girondins de Bordeaux, where Hwang Eui-jo is playing. Lim Young-woong expressed his excitement by calling Messi “my older brother”.

Lim Young-woong, who intuited the game, said, “Although Messi has entered his twilight years, I am happy just to see Messi standing on the field. He is also proud to see Hwang Eui-jo, the pride of Korea, at the stadium. Hwang Eui-jo will also cheer a lot.”

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